Think about alopecia, male pattern baldness and you will find plenty of people signing up for hair transplant. Today, it has become one of the prominent and most sought-after cures. There are expert service providers and doctors who ensure that the surgery securely takes place. One of the procedures of hair transplant is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) has gained immense popularity.

Understanding the process

Today, patients who are willing to opt-in for the FUE process, often wonder about the permanence of the solution. Though FUE holds the permanent solution for baldness and hair loss, still the outcome is supposed to vary from one person to the other. The process involves extracting single hair follicles from the patient’s scalp back or side. And after the extraction, it gets transplanted to the region which lacks hair.

Most follicles usually provide the look of a head filled with hair. However, after the surgery patients might notice shedding for a couple of days. The scalp back and side is called safe zone. It is because the permanent hair roots that are resistant to DHT. Also, it offers improved donor follicles as opposed to the other aspects of the scalp. To know more on this, you can get in touch with Hair Restoration NYC. You can ask all your queries and can also opt-in for a free consultation that a few experts provide.

Understanding DHT

Dihydrotestosterone, also called DHT is a natural and potent metabolite that is present in our body. And it is one of the reasons why men and women lose hair. The sides and back of the scalp are resistant to DHT. And it can cease androgen hormone from responding leading in hair loss.

The permanence of FUE hair restoration

Most practitioners know and profess that FUE hair restoration process is permanent. But the durability will also depend on the patient’s scalp and health conditions as well.

Making use of your hair

The FUE process comprises removing and implanting the patient’s hair; the outcome is natural. You don’t need to invest in extra care. Also, there is no need to get worked up about your appearance. It is one of the most favorable benefits of the FUE hair restoration process.

How long does the process take?

It is one of the most important questions to ask before you opt-in for the process! Generally, the standard FUE hair restoration process should get over between two and three hours. The process takes time as the hair grafts are vulnerable. And it is essential to transplant them individually. You will get to see significant results after ten months. This process takes slightly more time.

Does the process hurt?

It is where most patients shy away from the process! Few patients have described the process as more uncomfortable. Maybe they could manage the pain, but the physical discomfort seems a little bit more. However, it is always best to check with your doctor for more details.

These are some of the questions that you need to ask concerning the permanence of the FUE hair restoration process. Once you get convinced, you can decide better for yourself.


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