How to Begin Creating Digital Art

How to Begin Creating Digital Art

You might be familiar with the traditional form of art, such as oil paints, watercolor, and acrylic. You might be wondering what digital art is? Digital painting is a new way of showcasing art that lets you create beautiful artwork without traditional art tools. However, it still requires the same skills and techniques when you paint. 

Advantage of Digital Art

Instead of painting on paper or canvas, digital art lets you do it straight to your computer, which offers several amazing benefits. 


  • You can do your art in very tight spaces, and you don’t need to mix colors and be messy when doing art. As long as you got the correct equipment and software, you are ready to go.
  • It’s much faster, as you do not need to wait for the colors to dry and smudge-free. 
  • It allows you to be more creative and works faster.


Now that you know the basics and advantages of digital art, here is a simple walkthrough on how to begin creating digital art. 


The first thing you’ll need is the hardware. You have three main options:

Graphic Tablet

This one works similarly to a mouse. It needs to be connected to your computer or your laptop. You can draw on the surface of the table using a style that usually comes with it, and it will reflect on your screen. Wacom Intuos and Veikk A150 are among the best drawing tablets for beginners, according to some experts. These are also what most artists use when doing their art and the cheapest among the three options. 

Graphic Display

It functions as a graphic tablet, but the difference is that it has a built-in monitor. You can also draw directly into the screen, which feels more intuitive. They are more expensive than a graphic tablet. 

All in One Tablet

These include popular tablets such as the iPad Pro, Samsung Tab, or Microsoft Surface Pro. The greatest advantage of choosing this as your hardware is that you do not need your computer to plug in your tablet because it can work both for you. 



Now that you have picked which hardware is perfect for your need, it’s time to choose which programs you will use the most. There are many different programs available when creating digital art. One of the most famous software is Adobe Photoshop. If you want to get serious about creating digital art, this software is for you. It is considered one of the most powerful software for creating different art, photos, and painting. You may also use Krita and Procreate. These are some of the best software you can also use. At the end of the day, choosing your software is a matter of personal choice. 


Although this is not necessary for all artists, you may also include a scanner in your digital art starter pack. With the scanner, you can convert your sketch into digital data and bring color to it digitally. You can also import different hand-drawn textures and colors and bring them to your illustration. 


These are the things you should get if you are serious about getting into digital art. It may feel different at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will be easy for you to create beautiful art pieces digitally. 

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