Mattress for Athlete

Sleep is important for everyone but mainly for the athletes, it is a process of recovery. They spend the whole day working out and on the fields focusing on performance. At night their body requires adequate rest and in the right posture so that they can perform the next day. Therefore you can never overlook the importance of sleep along with proper nutrition and training. Recent research says that athletes require high-quality sleep and even a few hours more than other people. An uninterrupted 8-10 hours of sleep improves motivation, cognitive functions, strength, metabolism, concentration, cardio-vascular movements and relieves the body from pain.

Quality sleep is not just a mere term, its science. Most of the athletes suffer from sleep deprivation and it’s not something that can be neglected. For the performers, sleep is a priority. Have you ever thought about the mattress on which you sleep? Doesn’t it play a major role in helping you sleep better? Buying a perfect mattress seems to be a daunting task and these are available in the different price range as well. It’s a big investment; therefore, you would want to make an informed and wise purchase. It’s very essential to buy the right mattress for proper and healthy sleep.

Main features of a mattress

If you are an athlete and wish to invest in the right mattress in the coming 2019, you need to know the things you need to consider before investing in one:

  • Comfort and support – Your mattress should be supportive and comfortable. It’s best to purchase a mattress that has minimum support of three layers. It’s good if anyone layer is made of high-density foam. Superior quality memory foam offers improved support and better body contouring.
  • Right posture – It does not matter what position you are sleeping in, your shoulders, ears, and hips should be rightly aligned. Buy a mattress that offers the right amount of firmness. Sleep requirements vary from one person to another and adjusting well with your mattress gives perfect sleep. If you feel pain in any of the body parts as soon as you get up from sleep, it might be due to lack of sufficient pressure offered by your mattress. High-density foam helps to lessen the pressure points mainly at the hips and shoulders.
  • Price – The mattress manufactures need to make money and you also need to focus on affordability. If you are looking for the best one, it’s not necessary to invest in super-expensive mattresses. There are so many manufacturers who are ready to ship mattresses and bed accessories directly to the customers. Buy from the reputed company and invest in a mattress that has many good reviews and has faith in recommendations. Do not neglect your sleep requirements for pricing, it’s a big investment but gives positive results in long term. It helps you to perform better in the fields.
  • Trials – You won’t get the real flavor of the mattress if you lay down for 5 minutes as a part of trail inside the store. Same way sleeping on a brand new mattress you won’t be able to get an idea of how much it can withstand. Therefore, it’s important to choose a company that offers a longer trial period. The key is to choose mattresses that come with a minimum of 100 days in-home trial. 3 months is good enough for your body to adjust with the sleeping material. The best companies are all offering a 100 – 120 days trial.
  • Customer Service – It’s great and is completely fine if you are making many queries about the product you are going to buy. It’s best to opt for a brand that offers excellent customer service. Athletes and sportsperson might have different questions or might have to opt for consultation before buying, the support must be available. The customer service team must be readily available, during and after the trial. This is one very important consideration while you are purchasing a mattress.

Watch the foam layers and mattress covers

The layer of foam that makes up the mattress is very important and there are different types of foam. There should be memory foam used in minimum one layer, support foam must be used in the last layer, you might also come across layers like latex, comfort, transition foam, open cell etc. The fabrics the companies are using a mattress cover are all so hi-tech and a lot improved. They come with various technical features like cooling, all-night breathable, better air-flow and also temperature control. Some covers are removable and washable, easy to keep clean.

Buying mattresses online

Personal comfort is most important, whether you wish to sleep in a firmer or softer material. Always opt for high-density foams that help to maintain body posture and alignment. Making a purchase is like taking a leap of faith and you can decide whether to go to the store or to buy online. But buying online certainly has pros like low prices, great deals, doorstep delivery, easy hassle free returns, long sleep trails, you can take your own decision and time to research.


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