Have you been trying to get more involved in your workplace union? Maybe you believe that there are some unsafe working conditions on your job, and you want to do something to change them? The fact remains that many workers, particularly those who work entry-level, or blue-collar jobs, can oftentimes have no idea what their legal rights are as workers. This can be a big issue, and cause many employees to accept tasks, contracts, or working conditions that are either unsafe, unfair, or harmful to the workforce in general. This article will seek to outline a few things that all workers need to be aware of their legal rights when on or off the job. If you know the types of work that are unsafe and unacceptable for your position, then you will be in a more informed position when deciding which parts of a job feel unsafe to you. 

Universal Rights

In terms of legal rights for workers, there are generally some job-specific rights and responsibilities which each new job presents. However, regardless of whether or not you are working, there are some basic universal rights that each human on this planet is supposed to be guaranteed. Some of these rights are meant to protect us physically from governing bodies, or other people, such as the right to ‘freedom from torture and degrading treatment’. This means that the police can not just pull you off the street and torture you until they get a confession, even if they are almost certain that you committed the crime. Another universal human right is freedom from slavery. This means that you cannot purchase or sell other humans in any way shape or form.

Workplace Rights

Workplace legal rights are meant to help keep you safe at your job, and also to protect you from losing your job for an unknown reason. If you are aware of your rights in a workplace, then you will be in a better position to refuse work that you feel is unsafe, and be able to cite specific pieces of legislation meant to protect workers’ rights. 

Legal Obligations

When you agree to work for a company or sign onto a contract, then there is an agreement between you and your employer that you will both do everything in your power to keep the workers and workplace safe and healthy for all workers. Depending on where you live, there can also be some slight variation to the way that workplace legal obligations work. Recent trends have shown an increased interest in places such as Kentucky and the surrounding areas. Experts from an injury law firm in Kentucky recommend doing some online research in order to familiarize yourself with the basic tenets of workplace law. This will help you to be better equipped when dealing with any legal issue in the workplace. If you find that you are still struggling to get a complete understanding, then consider hiring a professional to give you legal advice that you know will be correct, and work to directly help your situation. 


One of the most powerful forces in fighting for and protecting workers’ rights have been unions. Unions are essentially groups of workers who have banded together to look out for everyone’s collective interests. Unions have been responsible for bringing workers to things like the weekend, minimum wage, and other important workers’ rights. Without unions to bring workers together, the capitalist leaders of the industry would be free to exploit workers and force them into cheap labor, as was the norm for many years before unions began to develop. 


Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different things that you can do to increase the awareness of legal rights in your workplace. Sometimes it is not just the employees who are unaware of the different legal rights of workers on a given job or contract. Managers, foremen, and even owners can be equally complicit in turning a blind eye to workers’ rights. By having more information on the subject, you will be in a better position to discuss important legal concerns with your coworkers and also advocate on your own behalf to your boss, foreman, and employer. There is no reason to put you or your workers into a situation that is unsafe for all parties involved. If you start to advocate for the safety of workers on your job site, then other workers will begin to take notice and show appreciation for your efforts. In order for everyone to get taken care of, all the workers need to band together to combine their bargaining power into something to be reckoned with.

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