New Hondas for Sale in Newport News: What To Consider When Buying One

New Hondas for Sale in Newport News: What To Consider When Buying One

Newport News is a city in Virginia, located within Hampton Roads. It is home to many people who work at Langley Air Force Base and Newport News Shipbuilding, among others. According to a report, most people in Newport News, VA, drove alone to work, and the average commute time was 22.5 minutes. Honda is a popular vehicle for commuting and everyday driving needs in the city.

Newport News can be a great place to live with your Honda, so feel free to browse online listings of a new Honda for sale in Newport News, VA. Make sure you consider these factors when deciding on which car would best suit your needs:

1) Check the Gas Mileage

You might have heard it often, but it is true: the best car for you is one that gets good gas mileage. In Newport News, people love their Hondas because they get fantastic gas mileage. Some insurance organizations recognize specific Honda models as the standard for safety and good gas mileage. An efficient vehicle can save you money in your yearly expenses, plus, it can get you to work faster. For example, let’s say that due to traffic jams on I-64, it takes one hour and fifteen minutes to get to work each day with a Honda Accord.

On the other hand, if you had a Honda Civic with good gas mileage, maybe you can cut down your commute time and get to work in only an hour and seven minutes!

2) Think About the Interior Space

According to a report, the average cost of car insurance in Newport News for drivers aged 16 to 60 is around $3,424.

If you have a large family or are tall, it may be vital to consider the vehicle’s interior space. New Hondas usually have plenty of legroom and trunk space, which is excellent for people with prominent families. It would be great to consider that some new Hondas like the 2016 Honda Civic are smaller than previous models. It means that there is less interior space, but it could be a good option if you do not have many passengers.

3) Think About the Specs and Features You Need or Want

Hondas are known for their simple yet sophisticated designs and luxurious interiors. While you can easily find Hondas with high-tech features. Some of them are explained below:

a) Navigation

Some new Hondas have navigation features, which you can use to check local places or even find your location. You can turn it on whenever needed to take the fastest route home.

b) Display Screen

Hondas have a color display screen to easily see the time, local weather, and other details. It is an excellent feature for people who want to know what’s happening in their surroundings.

c) Keyless Entry

You don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for your keys every day before going out. Modern Hondas have a keyless entry system, so you can easily unlock the door and start your engine.

d) Bluetooth Connectivity

This feature is essential for people who want to have hands-free calls using their mobile phones.

4) Consider Safety First.

Safety should be a priority once buying a brand new vehicle. A new Honda for sale in Newport News has the following features.

a) Brake Assist System

The brake assist system warns you when you need to brake and gives you a brief reminder of how fast your car travels.

b) Seatbelt Pretensioners

Honda seats come in three types: driver and passenger seat belts with pre-tensioner and emergency locking retractors (ELR), front seat belts with ELR, and front seat belts with shoulder belt height adjusters.

c) Overhead Airbags

These airbags will protect you if your vehicle is hit from above, such as during a carjacking scenario.

d) Side Curtain Airbags

The side curtain airbags can help cushion the heads and torsos of people in the front seat during side-impact collisions.

e) Collapsible Steering Wheel

If you are involved in a sudden crash, the steering wheel may be dangerous to your hands and face. Therefore, this feature can minimize the contact of the wheel with your hands or face, which could prevent any injuries.

5) Dealer  Costs

The dealer cost of a new Honda varies from one model to another. It depends on the price of each specific model and whether you have negotiated a discounted price with the dealer. Auto insurance rates depend on many factors, such as your location, vehicle type, age, gender, and driving history.

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