Google's new project may get out of the game Playstation and XBox
Google's new project may get out of the game Playstation and XBox

The latest Google video streaming service has marked an important step in this industry, which is already one of the areas with more revenue streams.

ProjectStream, open only in the US for the moment, gave players the chance to play the latest version of Assasin’s Creed, “Odyssey”, with very clear and uninterrupted graphics, even though their computer was not up to high parameters in terms of graphics, RAM, processor … and even no hard disk is needed. Sufficient Internet connection is enough.

The game is powered by Google’s servers and the player plays it from his computer, whether it’s a free hard drive-like laptop like “Chromebook.” The quality remains the same as with the relatively expensive computer, or the latest Playstation / XBox.

Simply put, as a small “online” game is played, the latest and most loaded games can also be played. This may make people in the future not need to buy “consoles” such as Playstation 4, XBox or Nintendo, but can play any game they want from any computer, even with small monthly payments.

Such projects had been tried before, even by the XBox itself, but never with the quality of Google Project-Stream.

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