Raikkonen Untold

Raikkonen’s Untold: Alcohol and Endless “Party”

In Awaiting of English translation and distribution in bookstores around the globe, the first scattered copies of Kimi Raikkonen‘s autobiography have started to creep.

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The Ferrari driver decided to show some of his most intimate secrets, as well as hidden details to the public, in the book “Kimi, Tuntematon” (Kimi secret), a publication that was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the writer Hotakainen.

Every month, alongside the Ferrari driver, they served the Nordic writer to collect unique stories and record interesting details of the life of a pilot, apparently icy,but with lots of proven madness.

The Scandinavian pilot of the spectacular Formula 1 racing stops in his book on problems about reading, speaking, asthma, and dropping for a long time in the devastating alcohol whirlpool where he sought shelter from great stress.

Kimi Raikkonen also recounted how he made a spectacular race at the Grand Prix of Spain in 2012. At that time he managed to climb the podium after a party that lasted for 16 hours.

For fans of Formula 1, the book is a golden opportunity to get to know the Finland pilot, which is part of the history of this competition.

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Bankrupts "Force India", now serious buyers are required

Bankrupts “Force India”, now serious buyers are required

Force India’s team, taking part in Formula One races, has long been in great financial difficulties, but this weekend alone, the London Supreme Court decided to apply the controlled administration.

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The Vixhai Malia team headquartered in Silverston was placed under the control of the FRP consulting group due to accumulated debts and is now seeking serious buyer to continue the adventure in exciting races.

The Indian team has 180 million Euro debts versus the Orange India Holdings phone group. Among the top foreign creditors, Mercedes also came up with € 15 million, a bill accumulated due to the supply of Power Unit for the current championship, as well as the pilot’s payment Sergio Perez.

But more than competing costs, Force India’s problems are related to the legal issues of its owner, Vixhai Malia. The latter is accused of fraud in large sums in India and has long fought in the UK against extradition to his country of origin.

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Vietnam, the new Formula 1 destination

Vietnam, the new Formula 1 destination

This year, two new races are added to the Formula 1 calendar: France with “Paul Ricard” and Germany with Hockenheim.

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It is about old recognition, but soon there will be new tracks. According to “Forbes”, Liberty will take Formula 1 to Vietnam, a country with very little tradition in motoring and where the chances for the teams and for the World Cup itself do not look good

But these are the rumors that came out of this week’s F1 Promoters Society’s London summit, where 21 World Cup races are represented.

“An urban race in Vietnam will soon be announced,” a source told Forbes. The goal is to fill the gap left by the Malaysian Grand Prize.

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