2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Interior

The interior of the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a super miracle

With the new generation, the interior is fully developed in a “third place”, a haven between home and work

The modern luxury reaches a new level inside the S-Class. Designers have created an environment for a pleasant feeling with a “lounge” marked with elegance, high quality and softness. The control panel with new architecture, modern surface modeling, and ergonomic display layout makes a special impression, writes Motor1.com.

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But the feel-good aspect goes even further: with improved steering quality and low noise levels, as well as a wide range of ENERGIZING Comfort programs, the S-Class takes care of passenger well-being. They also stay in good condition thanks to an efficient air filtration system, which signals its new capabilities through the ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL system.

The S-Class has always been a place for comfortable travel and quiet work. With the new generation, the interior is fully developed in a “third place”, a haven between home and work. Almost all dimensions in terms of comfort have been improved, in both variants of the model, S-Class with short and long wheelchairs, both in the front and rear seats.

This effect fulfills the revolutionary interior model, including the connection to the yacht’s interior architecture and design elements. In addition to up to five screens, prominent elements include large elements on the instrument panel at the rear of the vehicle. A particularly attractive version is the open-pore wood veneer, impregnated with delicate inserts made of genuine aluminum.

LED technology enables interactive indoor lighting: Active ambient lighting is now integrated into steering assistance systems and can visually support alarms. For example, Active Blind Spot Assist warns of an impending collision with red light animation. Furthermore, the reaction is possible, for example, when using a climate control system or a “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant.

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