How to pack a gift basket,

How to pack a gift basket

How to pack a gift basket

You are looking to surprise your loved ones with a unique gift basket but haven’t found any idea for your gift basket yet. Well, don’t worry, at  has a variety of gift baskets concepts for you to choose from. Not only that, there are other gift items that you could consider as well. 

Now, if you have found the concept you want to follow, as well as finding all the materials you need. It’s time to put your gift basket together and give it to your loved one.  The first thing you want to do is to check if there is any damage to the container you are using, then decorate the container (if you need it).  Second, you need to think of what you will use for your base. Usually, the ideal material would be newspaper or carton pieces because it is free and very efficient. The reason to create such a base is: you want to make sure the base is even (so it won’t tilt) and flat (so there is no problem putting things upwards). For a small and luxury type of baskets, such as a basket for jewelry, or something small and delicate like perfume, you can use shredded paper for the base. It creates a mysterious feeling for the receiver, as well as creates protection for the product. Besides the reasons above, the base also helps display your present (by stuffing the containers with newspaper or shredded paper). Visit to find the right shredded paper for your basket


Third, it is time to place your products in the basket. Now, it doesn’t have to be just the gifts. If you feel like your basket needs some extra accessories to look good, you should add it in. However, we have some suggestions for you:

  • Try to make all the presents visible, or all facing the same direction
  • Sometimes it is better to keep the present in the original package
  • There is more than one way to put everything together

Finally, when everything is in the right place, we just need to wrap it. Now, there are different materials you could use when wrapping a gift basket. But, we believe that cellophane is the best material for this purpose. Cellophane is durable, transparent and cheap as well, visit to find your best cellophane for your gift basket. Now, here is the process of wrapping: 

  • First, roll out the cellophane paper
  • Second, put the basket on top, right in the middle of the sheet of cellophane paper.
  • Third, measure the height of the basket. Make sure that you have a big enough sheet of paper to wrap. Make sure that the distance from each edge of the sheet of paper to the basket is bigger than the height of the basket
  • Fourth, tie the basket together
  • Finally, add a bow to make it look more appealing.
  • For presentation purposes, you want to make the cellophane wrap fit the basket. However, during the process, you will find this impossible. So, what you can do at the end, is tape the excess part of the wrap to the basket. Minor notice, you would want to use the transparent tape, so it wouldn’t look like a mess.There you have it, a gift basket for your loved one.
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How to arrange a gift basket

Making a gift basket on your own is more beneficial than buying a gift basket. In the readymade gift baskets, you will sometimes get your demandable substance and sometimes you won’t get. 

That’s why you should learn how to arrange a gift basket. So that you can create a gift basket as you like. Don’t get nervous because arranging a gift basket is too straightforward. Therefore, be confident and assemble some tools and start arranging your gift basket following my steps.

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Tools & materials you should assemble

While arranging a gift basket, you must need some tools and materials for decorating it with attractive looks. Your required tools should be like pipe cleaners, packing tape, glue dots, and scissors for decorating. 

Materials you will need include basket, paper, paper shreds, cellophane, ribbon, and Styrofoam. Without these tools and materials, arranging the gift basket will be complicated for you. 

How to arrange a gift basket in 7 simple steps

You might have seen lots of tips & tricks or steps for how to arrange a gift basket. But my steps are practical and pretty easier to understand. 

Think about the basket type

There are different types of gift baskets, such as round-up, box shape, pot shape, and more. Now consider how many gift packs you need and what size you will require. As your requirement, choose a proper basket first. 

Gather the gifts in one section

Whatever you choose as a gift, such as a chocolate box, jar, food items, beauty items, just keep them in one place. Also, you can separate them as their size. It will make your arranging process smoother. 

Fill ½ space of the box with paper shreds

Remember, never put the gifts directly on the basket because it looks awkward. It will be better if you fill the ½ space of the box with paper shreds or normal paper. 

Wrap up the gifts (Optional)

If you want to surprise someone, then you can wrap every single gift each one by one. 

Put the gifts one by one

After wrapping them with attractive wrapper, take all larger gifts and put them into the basket. After that, take all the small gifts then arrange them in the upper position of the basket. Don’t overflow the basket with gifts because it looks gauche. 

Wrap the whole basket

When you feel you arranged them thoroughly, then you have to wrap the whole basket. It is crucial because it will protect the gifts from falling down. 

Adjust a gift card

After decorating the whole basket, it’s time to set a gift card in the upper section. Alternatively, you can put your gift card in the basket beside the gifts. Write a sweet wishing comment, and your gift basket is ready to be handed. 

So, I hope this amazing article about arranging a gift basket helped a lot to teach you the whole decorating process easily.

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