Is your security weak? Look into cyber security for Fort Worth businesses,

Is your security weak? Look into cyber security for Fort Worth businesses

Is your security weak? Look into cyber security for Fort Worth businesses

If you feel like your data is not protected, your files are not safe to share, and serious information regarding our company’s policies and private messages are potentially being exposed to outside threats, you need to figure out new ways to revamp your protection measures when it comes to keeping your important data secure.

Characteristics of weak cyber security – why you should look into cyber security for Fort Worth businesses


If you have weak cyber security, this can put your entire company in jeopardy. Not only will your important files, information, data, and conversations be exposed to the public and be at risk of being hacked, but your business will suffer the process. If you are not protected and safe, why should customers trust you? To beef up your protection measures, consider looking into cyber security for Fort Worth businesses.


Your office workstation equipment is very old


One of the main signs that you may need to improve your cyber security is if your workspace and your equipment are very old. If you find that you have been using the setup, computer monitor, and desktop screen for the past 10 years, chances are there is no way this piece of machinery has intricate security measures to keep your files protected. Furthermore, if you do not have any firewalls or antivirus software, you may find that you are constantly getting hacked, glitches in the system, or other breakdowns of your system processing.


Physical lock-out could cause data loss


If you are tied physically to your equipment – and you have not yet adopted cloud-based practices to send information and share data – you may find that if you are physically locked out of your device, all of your data is lost. This is a very old-school way of operating since nowadays, we are not tied to our physical devices. We save items to the cloud and then we can access them from anywhere. However, if you are still tied to a device this can mean that your cyber security is very weak.


Your passwords are the same


The final sign that you may need to hire cyber security for Fort Worth businesses is if your passwords and encryption keys are all the same. If you only use the same password your password is easily guessable, and you have no other types of protective software – such as malware blockers, anti-viral software, or other security walls in your system – it can be too easy for someone to hack into your system. In this case, it will be all too easy for all of your information to be gone within minutes – hackers can use the same password for all of your accounts to gather personal information



If you are running a business or a company where you find that you are still using outdated technology and theft devices that contain all of your information, it is time to make the switch. Not only will your business or more efficiently, but using cyber security for fort worth business means you can protect your sensitive data.

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The rise of workstations in pandemic

The rise of workstations in pandemic


The ongoing pandemic has changed the face of how people and companies look at their workflow. Global emergency forcing companies to shift to the ‘work from home’ module has led to a major boom in the tech industry, particularly in the smartphone and computer industry. However, if you get injuried at workplace, personal injury lawyer John Colvin can help you with take care of it.            Lenovo reported that despite the challenging times it has managed to achieve a revenue of just over $13 billion in the first quarter of 2020. Revenue Increased up to 7% giving a total of 31% increase to the company’s income, making it a whopping $213 million.


Computer workstation


Lenovo’s chairman and chief executive officer Yang Yuanqing released a statement on the brilliant performance, “Our outstanding performance last quarter proves that Lenovo has quickly regained momentum from the impact of the pandemic and is capturing the new opportunities emerging from remote working, education, and accelerated digitalization”.


Yang Yuanqing further elaborates “While the world continues to face challenges, Lenovo is focused on delivering sustainable growth through our core businesses as well as the new services and solutions opportunities presented by our service-led intelligent transformation.”


In terms of computer workstations (, Lenovo Yoga A940 comes head to head with many industry leaders such as Apple and Microsoft, offering a wide range of specs with a starting price of $2,299.99.


Due to the ‘work from home’ module, the global market saw a whopping increase in computer workstation desk which led to the e-commerce businesses witnessed a spike of over 50% growth during this pandemic.




While students and small scale offices require PCs, multiple professionals such as graphic designers, engineers, data scientists, and the majority of the government critical workers are working on extremely data-intensive projects and these tasks require more than just a laptop and an internet connection. Top-notch high functioning computer workstations with advanced graphics capabilities, large storage capacity, and a powerful microprocessor are required to fulfill their work needs.


Many companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter have decided to switch to work from home module permanently for some of their departments and employees, expanding their resources globally. A person who gets accepted in Google but lives in the middle east is only one good computer workstation away from that job. According to a survey by IDC 52% of respondents indicated that the ‘work from home’ module will likely be permanently changed as a result.




While many major industries collapsed, one particular industry managed to get the biggest growth spurt in its history, was the freelancing industry. Freelancing being a secondary source of income for some, became the primary source of income for many as businesses collapsed. The IT industry heavily relies on freelancers as even some big names in the industry find that ‘pay as you go’ pricing model seems more economical than hiring and training an individual. IT experts have set up their computer workstations at home and rely on freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork for bagging projects and completing them in a comfortable environment, and that too with a good amount of pay.


Work from home seems to be the ideal job structure for some but some it may feel like living at work, anyways whatever the scenario may be, the future of tech seems to be in safe hands with the ongoing increase in demand. Let’s see what 2021 holds for us in the world of supercomputers.