Why Cloud Access Security Brokers Are Essential for Data Protection in the Cloud,

Why Cloud Access Security Brokers Are Essential for Data Protection in the Cloud

Why Cloud Access Security Brokers Are Essential for Data Protection in the Cloud

Organizations leveraging the cloud to support remote workers and expand their business infrastructure must protect their data at rest and in transit. Existing data protection tools need to be designed to handle this challenge. CASBs bridge the gap to deliver security management. This includes threat prevention, which thwarts cyberattacks by analyzing activity and using contextual information.


CASBs or cloud access security broker use authentication to ensure that only authorized users are allowed to access your sensitive information, especially when it is stored in the cloud. They can also enforce the principle of least privilege, ensuring that only the minimum amount of data is transferred across your network. This is especially important if your organization relies on cloud service providers with multiple physical data centers or availability zones, as you will likely need to transfer data between them to ensure the optimal performance of your application.

Using behavioral analytics and threat intelligence, CASBs can provide insight into your organization’s cloud usage and identify potential security risks. They can alert and respond to suspicious activity in real time, allowing you to protect your information against malicious activities. They can also bolster your security posture by identifying and enforcing security policies in your organization’s unique environments.

CASBs can take the form of on-premises hardware or software or be delivered as a cloud service for greater scalability and reduced costs. They can either operate via a forward proxy to intercept traffic or through APIs that offer out-of-band security for data at rest in the cloud. They can integrate with firewalls, NGFWs, WAFs, and endpoint agents to analyze traffic, protect information, and detect threats. And they can import log data from the cloud, enhancing their ability to discover and enforce enterprise-specific policies for your entire security ecosystem.


Protect sensitive data en route to or from any cloud application, sanctioned or unsanctioned, using encryption and tokenization. This capability is a vital defense against endless threat variations that cybercriminals create as they target SaaS applications like Slack, Confluence, Jira, etc. A conventional CASB solution fails to keep up with modern collaboration applications that organizations adopt quickly.

Protect against unauthorized exfiltration of data out of the organization by blocking proxies and stopping malware. CASB solutions can also detect and stop risky file sharing, protecting the organization from a potentially disastrous data loss incident. Classify, prioritize, and evaluate each cloud application based on its security risk level. CASBs also assess how the application is used, what types of data are shared, and identify misconfigurations that expose the organization to attack.

CASBs can also detect suspicious behavior patterns, using benchmarking and continuous traffic data to identify malicious activity. For example, CASBs can recognize unusual login patterns and flag them for review by security administrators. CASBs help organizations stay compliant in the cloud, whether they are a healthcare organization worried about HIPAA and HITECH compliance or a retail company concerned about PCI compliance. A CASB helps organizations comply with industry and government regulations by delivering visibility, automated remediation, and policy creation capabilities. A CASB is an essential tool to defend against the growing number of threats and to maintain compliance in the cloud.

Access Control

As the most sophisticated threats evolve, CASB solutions use advanced anti-malware, sandbox, and cloud threat intelligence (such as their research and third-party feeds) to detect attacks in progress or motion. Combined with automated policies tailored to specific cloud applications’ unique risk levels, these capabilities help you stop zero-day threats, ransomware, and other sophisticated attacks.

CASBs can also detect the presence of sensitive data in the cloud and on endpoint devices. This functionality is important because it helps you prevent data breaches by blocking or encrypting sensitive files before they are transferred to the cloud or downloaded onto an endpoint device. Moreover, CASBs can detect and block shadow IT — using unsanctioned or unapproved cloud apps — to prevent inappropriate file sharing and hamper productivity. They can then respond by automatically enabling or blocking the app or enforcing different access controls, such as document sharing and reducing detection surface area.

Finally, CASBs can ensure compliance in the cloud by enforcing security policies and protecting data on-demand, whether stored in the cloud or on endpoint devices. This can be particularly helpful for organizations that must adhere to strict regulations, like healthcare companies worried about HIPAA and HITECH, retail businesses concerned with PCI, and financial services firms concerned with FFIEC and FINRA.


With the increase in remote work and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, plus the growing presence of unsanctioned employee app usage known as Shadow IT, organizations need a CASB to help monitor cloud application use, enforce security policies, and protect sensitive data contents. A CASB provides visibility into all third-party applications used by your employees and their devices, scopes redundancies, evaluates license costs, and gives IT granular control over which business apps can be used (and which ones cannot).

In addition to enforcing security policies, a CASB also delivers threat detection to prevent ransomware attacks and other advanced threats from accessing the organization’s data in the cloud. CASBs can identify malicious activity, determine which users are infected, and immediately remediate the situation.

Rather than taking a “block” stance on productivity-enhancing cloud services, a CASB solution should allow IT to say “yes” to useful business apps while governing access to and activities in those services. This could mean providing full access to a sanctioned suite like Office 365 to managed devices while allowing web-only email on unmanaged ones or enforcing a strict policy across a group of unsanctioned apps for which you want to maintain compliance. With visibility into sensitive content traveling to, from, and between the cloud and on-premises systems combined with cloud DLP, a CASB can help your organization maintain compliance even in highly regulated industries.

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Cybersecurity Tips for the Remote Work Model,

Is your security weak? Look into cyber security for Fort Worth businesses

Is your security weak? Look into cyber security for Fort Worth businesses

If you feel like your data is not protected, your files are not safe to share, and serious information regarding our company’s policies and private messages are potentially being exposed to outside threats, you need to figure out new ways to revamp your protection measures when it comes to keeping your important data secure.

Characteristics of weak cyber security – why you should look into cyber security for Fort Worth businesses


If you have weak cyber security, this can put your entire company in jeopardy. Not only will your important files, information, data, and conversations be exposed to the public and be at risk of being hacked, but your business will suffer the process. If you are not protected and safe, why should customers trust you? To beef up your protection measures, consider looking into cyber security for Fort Worth businesses.


Your office workstation equipment is very old


One of the main signs that you may need to improve your cyber security is if your workspace and your equipment are very old. If you find that you have been using the setup, computer monitor, and desktop screen for the past 10 years, chances are there is no way this piece of machinery has intricate security measures to keep your files protected. Furthermore, if you do not have any firewalls or antivirus software, you may find that you are constantly getting hacked, glitches in the system, or other breakdowns of your system processing.


Physical lock-out could cause data loss


If you are tied physically to your equipment – and you have not yet adopted cloud-based practices to send information and share data – you may find that if you are physically locked out of your device, all of your data is lost. This is a very old-school way of operating since nowadays, we are not tied to our physical devices. We save items to the cloud and then we can access them from anywhere. However, if you are still tied to a device this can mean that your cyber security is very weak.


Your passwords are the same


The final sign that you may need to hire cyber security for Fort Worth businesses is if your passwords and encryption keys are all the same. If you only use the same password your password is easily guessable, and you have no other types of protective software – such as malware blockers, anti-viral software, or other security walls in your system – it can be too easy for someone to hack into your system. In this case, it will be all too easy for all of your information to be gone within minutes – hackers can use the same password for all of your accounts to gather personal information



If you are running a business or a company where you find that you are still using outdated technology and theft devices that contain all of your information, it is time to make the switch. Not only will your business or more efficiently, but using cyber security for fort worth business means you can protect your sensitive data.

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How many exams are needed for CCNP security,

How many exams are needed for CCNP security?

How many exams are needed for CCNP security?


What is CCNP?

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) substantiates the potential to design, employ, verify and troubleshoot local and widespread networks and function skillfully with experts on advanced security, voice, wireless, and video solutions. The CCNP certification is favorable for those with at least one year of networking experience, willing to improve their skills and work unassisted on complex network solutions.


Career Opportunities by CCNP :

CCNP Certified candidates are those specialists who want to take a further step in the networking space in their domain. The salary reimbursement of CCNP varies with the knowledge and number of years of experience. One gets a high profile with better packages than CCNA Certified Networkers.


  • Third Line Support
  • Network Specialist
  • IT Team Leader
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Engineer Systems Engineer

CCNP ascertains the skills expected in enterprise roles such as network technician, support engineer, systems engineer or network engineer.

The CCNP 350-401 exam is a Cisco certified network professional exam suitable for somebody in the IT industry who has attained a Cisco career certification, a kind of IT professional certification developed by Cisco Systems.


Requirements for appearing CCNP security exam :

There are no formal primary requirements for CCNP Security; besides, candidates should have three to five years of experience in carrying out security solutions. Cisco provides a CCNP migration tool to help learners know how distinct Cisco certifications are. It states that the learners have attained both the CCNA Security and CCNA Routing and Switching certifications. Additionally, the learners must have a deep, specializing knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

CCNP security certifications comprise of only two exams:

Core Requirement :


  • The core exam, namely the 300-701 SCOR exam (Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies)

The core exam encloses topics that relate to technology, entailing automation, and programmability.


  • The concentration exam – 

So one can select any of the options of concentration exam given below :


  • 300-710 SNCF exam (Securing Network with Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall )
  • 300-715 SISE exam (Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine)
  • 300-720 SESA exam (Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance)
  • 300-725 SWSA exam (Securing the Web with Cisco Web Security Appliance)
  • 300-730 SVPN exam (Implementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks)
  • 300-735 SAUTO exam (Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions).


The concentration exam encloses a core area of your preference in that technology.


Core Exam- SCOR exam 350 -701 (Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies). This exam assesses your understanding in carrying out and operating core security technologies which include :


  • Cloud, content and network security
  • SWSA 
  • Endpoint security and detection
  • Safeguard network access
  • Visibility and enforcement


Presently, several modifications were in the CCNP exam. 

The first important one being that the list no longer includes CCNP Routing and Switching, CCNP Wireless, or CCDP.These will combine with the CCNP Enterprise under the new CCNP process. The second important change with the new procedure is that regardless of which CCNP you select, it will require you to complete two exams. In the case of the CCNP Enterprise, it expects you to take your core exam and then a concentration exam. The concentration exams concentrate on particular topics that would subside under the CCNP Enterprise umbrella. The core exam encompasses a little bit of everything in this area.

For wireless, one can opt for the CCNP 350-401 ENCOR Enterprise core exam and the 300-430 ENWLSI, which would provide you with the CCNP Enterprise.

What is the 350-401 exam?

The ENCOR 350-401 attributes CCNP and CCIE Enterprise certification, which is a 120-minute exam. The exam evaluates candidates’ proficiency in core enterprise network technology implementation, entailing dual-stack architecture, virtualization, infrastructure, network certainty, security, and automation. To attain the CCNP Enterprise certification, to pass Cisco 350-401 is a prerequisite, and then decide to appear for any centralized exams, entailing ENARSI (300-410), 300-415 ENSDWI (300-415), ENSLD(300-420), ENWLSD(300-425), ENWLSI(300-430), AUTO (300-435). The 350-401exam by CCNP after the Cisco 2020 reform not only reap you an expert certificate, but I’ll also procure a qualification exam for the CCIE Lab exam. This exam enables you to master the skills and technologies you require to execute core Cisco security solutions to deliver advanced threat protection against cybersecurity invasions. Security and privacy go on to be a desirable topic in IT. Learners who qualify themselves with a CCNP Security certification often generate new and exciting professional opportunities.

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New Mac Malware to Beware in 2021,

New Mac Malware to Beware in 2021

New Mac Malware to Beware in 2021

Security analysts have discovered a new vulnerability that’s a considerable threat to Macs. It all started with a mysterious upload that appears to remain dormant once in the system. Though you might want to go now and check out your computer, stick around and read a bit about the findings. Security analysts and engineers are hard at work to see what all the buzz is about, not seeing anything too suspicious yet. Below, we’ve got more of the details, helping you keep your Mac safe.

Strange Behavior

The malware we’re referring to has been named “Silver Sparrow” by those who first discovered it. Soon after its first occurrence, analysts found that thousands of Macs were infected, with the number reaching up to 40,000. Though some malware has been confirmed, it is acting strangely, doing nothing that malware-infected computers usually do. For instance, the malware starts to spread throughout the computer, first gaining authoritative access and then spreading to other computers. This one, however, hasn’t don’t anything yet.

The Sleeper Malware

Just because it hasn’t done anything doesn’t mean it won’t. Analysts keep an eye out for the moment that it attacks, attempting to stop it and get rid of it far before it unravels. They say that it is already exhibiting behaviors like other malware, taking a few initial moves that have gotten it on the map. The one thing that this new malware is doing is downloading itself onto the system, taking over functions, and rooting itself to remain even after reboots.

An Unknown Purpose

One of the additional concerns is that this malware can uninstall itself, meaning that operators can access it when they please. What could happen is that creators could tweak the malware, giving it properties that expand into the system and wreak havoc. If that’s the case, the file can be changed to commit malicious activities at the push of a button. That’s why analysts keep a close watch on it, hoping that it doesn’t start to make any changes that damage Mac systems or anything else further.

Apple’s Response

When Apple was made aware of this malware, the first thing they did was reach out to customers to assure them that their devices would be ok. They advised those with a Mac that the safest way to protect their device is Apple’s security. Besides, they say that they observe the malware, ensuring that it is not doing anything malicious or damaging to your Mac. Apple has always been one of the safest software companies, resistant to many attacks and coming with few vulnerabilities. Apple assures that this is still the case, though they keep a close watch on the malware’s next move.

Increasing Sophistication of Cyber Attacks

With this new type of malware, many analysts are having concerns about whether or not something needs to be done for the increased sophistication of cyberattacks. The more advanced technology gets, the more sophisticated hackers can get with their means of attacks. Analysts claim that they are not surprised by the new and intelligent attacks, forcing cybersecurity teams to step up their game. It’s essentially becoming a cat and mouse chase, with one always falling behind the other.

Apple is known for its applications, one area within the software that needs a little extra protection. Hackers know that applications are highly used and come with configurations that they can break into to steal user identity. That’s why there’s been a push for application security, protecting them from OWASP’s top 10 attacks.

The Future of Cyber Security

With all of these sophisticated attacks, many developers and security analysts go back to the drawing board, looking for ways to layer on protection. Now, there’s a push to automation, creating applications that can essentially protect themselves. Cyberattacks can happen at any time and to anyone. There is no fully protected device, no matter how much security it has.

The key to keeping Macs safe from malware in 2021 is to watch applications and computer usage closely, making sure that there is no suspicious activity. Once strange activity starts, it could be just a matter of time before a hacker sneaks their way into a system, either stealing data or overriding admin controls. Malware spreads quickly, making it something that all Mac users should keep an eye on, using safe practice while on the web.

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Not everyone knows how to deal with a situation under pressure. A lot of people may very well freeze when faced with demanding situations. What are you supposed to do if you find your loved ones in prison? How do you arrange for his quick release? These are vital questions that require quick answers. Continue reading this article to know more about what you can do to help your friend get out of jail.

Opt for Bail: When a person is arrested, he is taken to police custody. He is to be kept there until produced in the court for the trial. Now, this trial can take place after a few days or even after months. All this time, an innocent one might have to spend in jail, waiting for his trial to take place. It simply doesn’t seem fair. But luckily, there is an alternative available to remedy the situation.

One may opt for bail and get out of jail as soon as possible. A bail schedule is a pre-fixed amount of money to be paid for different sorts of crimes. Cash bail allows one to walk out of jail freely by paying the sum in cash. But more often than not, people are not ready to give away so much cash at a moment’s notice. Here comes the Surety bond that allows a family member of the defendant to opt for bail at minimal payment and secure bail.

Surety Bonds: A surety bond can be purchased at just 10% of the whole bail amount. The bond agency sets forth a contract informing the arrestee of their rights and financial obligations. Moreover, they must sign a promissory note, a legal document consenting to pay the entire bail if the defendant jumps bail, i.e. if he does not show up at their trial on the stipulated date.

The non-refundable bond fee is used for more than processing the application and ensuring quick release. It helps purchase the insurance that the bail bond company needs to meet its guarantee. Insurance companies avoid risk by having bail agents deposit in a fund meant for covering any losses. Because of the guarantee, most agents in California can easily arrange affordable blanket bail bonds in San Diego with the local detention centers. Thus, they do not have to post bail for every client—their arrangement guarantees the court financial compensation whenever there is an incident of bail jumping.

This is very beneficial to both parties and especially the courts. Moreover, not only does it help the defendant but also ease the pressure of overcrowded jails. Depending on individual circumstances, a statement of creditworthiness or collateral (in the form of securities or property) may be required. Bail bondsmen generally accept valuable property, such as a home, jewelry, vehicles, stocks, bonds, and other collateral.

Once the defendant is out of jail, he can focus more on hiring an experienced attorney to represent him in the court. With prior preparedness, one has a fair chance to win a trial and be free from the social stigma of getting arrested on a criminal charge.

How To Implement Safety Guidelines At Your Workplace With Health And Safety Training Courses?

How To Implement Safety Guidelines At Your Workplace With Health And Safety Training Courses?

How To Implement Safety Guidelines At Your Workplace With Health And Safety Training Courses?

Unquestionably, Health and safety are immensely significant considerations for companies. When employees work at an enterprise for 8 or more hours, it is the employer’s sole responsibility to take care of them. An employee’s health can be affected by numerous factors, such as stress, poor hygiene in the workplace, or poor quality of drinking water, not to mention possible menace posed by chemicals, electricity, and heat as organizations are responsible for health and safety, they should take every precaution to make the workplace safe. One of the most essential measures is training.

How Can Training Help Improve Health and Safety?

When employees attend workplace online safety training courses, it helps enhance health and safety within the organization with distinct benefits.

  • Training helps employees know the importance of following safety precautions. The majority of people believe safety norms like wearing gloves and masks are irritants, but when they notice that failure to follow precautions can affect their health, they will realize their importance. Thus, training helps to create awareness of protocols and processes and can directly improve safety in the organization.
  • Training on how to effectively implement safety measures can be provided particularly for managers, who can have a direct impact on how these measures are effectively implemented in the organization.
  • Timely training programs and refresher training make sure that employees do not forget about the importance of health and safety. It is thoughtful to update employees with details of new procedures and industry practices, and, most essentially, it provides a forum for employees to share their experiences while following safety norms as this will be a learning experience for all training entrants.
  • Finally, conducting regular employee training enables companies to comply with federal and state occupational health and safety rules and regulations. Not only does this prevent expensive penalties and enforcement actions, but it also helps in preventing worker injuries, lost days of work, and workers’ compensation claims.

Choosing the Right Training Course

There are distinct ways training courses can be conducted such as Classroom training and e-learning approach. Companies with multiple branches may require to bring employees to one place, which entails logistics effort and overheads but the only possible solution to address this concern is online training. This type of training is beneficial as employees can undergo training at their convenience, and it does not affect their routine jobs.

It is important to note; however, that most job-related safety training authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) needs site-specific and hands-on features, in addition to online training. It is essential to check the safety regulatory requirements surrounding your industry first to know how you can make online learning a part of your training course. If you’re looking to enroll the team in a reliable workplace safety training program, you can choose the Richmond Hill First Aid Course.

When a company wants to train employees online regarding workplace safety and health, it can partner with an online portal that has a vast selection of courses. An online training solution with experienced course providers offers training that is suitable to different kinds of organizations, and the following explains how an organization can choose any of the Online Safety Training Courses Canada.

  • It is important to choose an online course provider that has years of experience working with corporate organizations because such providers would understand companies’ requirements, and their course curriculum would fulfill those requirements.
  • It is pivotal to verify the course details provided on their website. The program objectives, duration/modules, the profile of the trainer and his or her experience, review of the course by other participants, and cost are all factors that should be investigated before selecting the course.

Some training courses that can be considered are:

  • General programs on health and safety that provide employees with an overview of workplace requirements;
  • Fire prevention training;
  • Exercise and nutrition information for health improvement; and
  • Occupational health and safety training as required by law.

It is distinctive to follow the above-mentioned guidelines to select an online training provider and courses for employees; workers can then be encouraged to take the online training courses and complete them. This training will be interesting for employees as they can attend the training from the comfort of their home or office and they will learn important safety concepts. Companies also benefit, as they have the opportunity to both save money and promote a safe workplace.

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How To Implement Safety Guidelines At Your Workplace With Health And Safety Training Courses?

Whatsapp Privacy Issues in 2021

Whatsapp Privacy Issues in 2021


Whatsapp privacy issues in 2021

WhatsApp, the Facebook online messaging platform, is the world’s most popular messaging apps. It is used by over one billion people, sending over 65 billion messages per day.

1. WhatsApp Web Malware

The WhatsApp user base makes it an evident target for cybercriminals, several of that specialize in WhatsApp internet. For years, WhatsApp has enabled you to start a website, or transfer a desktop app, scan a code with the app on your phone, and use WhatsApp on your laptop.

App store on your smartphone—the App Store on iOS additionally Google Play on Android—are additional strictly regulated than the web at high. after you get WhatsApp on those stores, it’s oftentimes clear that the app is that the official one. that won’t true of the broader net.

Criminals referred to as hackers, and scammers have all taken account of this. There are cases of attackers moving off malicious software package as WhatsApp desktop applications. If you’re unlucky enough to possess downloaded one in every of these, the installation will unfold malware or unless compromise your laptop.

2. Unencrypted Backups

whatsapp backup issue 2021

The messages you send in WhatsApp square measure are end-to-end encrypted. This implies that solely your device, which of the recipient, will decipher them. The feature prevents your messages from being intercepted throughout transmission, even by Facebook themselves. However, this does not secure them once they’re decrypted on your device.
WhatsApp permits you to duplicate your messages and media on android and iOS. This is often an important feature because it permits you to recover accidentally deleted WhatsApp messages. there’s a neighborhood backup on your device added to a cloud-based backup. On Android, you’ll be able to duplicate your WhatsApp information to Google Drive. If you’re exploiting AN iPhone, then your backup destination is iCloud. These backups contain the decrypted messages from your device.

The computer file keeps on iCloud or Google Drive isn’t encrypted. As this file contains decrypted versions of all of your messages, it’s, in theory, vulnerable and undermines WhatsApp’s end-to-end encoding.

As you’ve got no selection in backup location, you’re at the mercy of the cloud suppliers to stay your information secure. though no large-scale hacks have affected iCloud or Google Drive to this point, that does not mean that it is not potential. There square measure different means attackers might use to achieve access to your cloud storage accounts too.
One of the supposed advantages of encoding is, for higher or worse, having the ability to forestall government and enforcement from accessing your information. because the unencrypted backup is kept on one of all 2 U.S.-based cloud storage suppliers, all it might take could be a warrant, and that they would have unchained access to your messages. If you are doing a favor to duplicate your WhatsApp information to the cloud, it mostly undermines the service’s end-to-end encoding.

3. Facebook Data Sharing

whatsapp issues with facebook data share

Facebook has been the topic of abundant criticism in recent years. one in every of those criticisms is of Facebook’s effective market monopoly and anti-competitive actions. Regulators decide to minimize anti-competitive behavior by evaluating any takeover tries.

So, once Facebook set that it needed to feature WhatsApp to the ‘Facebook Family,’ the ECU Union (EU) solely approved the deal once Facebook assured them that the 2 firms, and their knowledge, would be unbroken separate.

It did not take long for Facebook to travel back on this agreement. In 2016, WhatsApp updated its Privacy Policy to permit sharing of information from WhatsApp to Facebook. though they did not reveal the complete extent of this information transfer, it enclosed your sign and your usage information, like after you last used the service. Your WhatsApp messages may be in danger attributable to this.

They additionally declared that none of your data would in public visible on Facebook, implying that it might instead be hidden in Facebook’s inaccessible profile of you. Following the backlash to the present announcement, WhatsApp allowed users to opt-out of this information sharing arrangement. However, within the intervening years, they quietly removed this selection.

This is probably in preparation for Facebook’s future plans. In Gregorian calendar month 2019, it had been reportable that Facebook planned to merge its electronic messaging platforms. the primary stages of this were enforced in late 2020, as Facebook joined traveler with Instagram Direct. However, this behavior diode to calls to manage the massive school corporations, together with associate degree FTC proceeding to force Facebook to sell WhatsApp.

4. Hoaxes and Fake News

In recent years, social media firms are criticized for permitting pretend news and info to unfold on their platforms. Facebook, especially, has been condemned for its role in spreading info throughout the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign. WhatsApp has conjointly been subject to those self-same forces.

Two of the foremost notable cases are in India and Brazil. WhatsApp was concerned about the widespread violence that occurred in India throughout 2017 and 2018. Messages containing details of fancied kid abductions were forwarded and unfold across the platform, custom with native info. These messages were widely shared across people’s networks and resulted in the execution of these suspect of those pretend crimes.

In Brazil, WhatsApp was the first supply of faux news throughout the 2018 elections. As this sort of info was really easy to unfold, business individuals in Brazil found out firms that created unlawful WhatsApp info campaigns against candidates. They were able to do that as your telephone number is your username on WhatsApp so that they purchased lists of phone numbers to focus on.

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10 Best Cell Phone Location Trackers in 2020

In this day and age, smartphones are a necessity with people taking them everywhere they go. This makes it easy for anyone with the right tool to track someone’s whereabouts through a cell phone. 


Today, there are phone surveillance apps that make tracking the whereabouts of a cell phone easy. However, phone surveillance apps are not made the same. Some are more reliable and have a reputation while others are scams. 

In this post, we share the 10 best cell phone trackers. These are trusted in the phone surveillance industry and provide a reliable service. 

#1 Minspy – Recommended phone tracking app 

With Minspy, users get the most trusted reputable phone tracking app. The app comes with over 30 phone tracking features. To get a grasp of what Minspy offers its users, check its website

With over a million users globally, Minspy attracts a lot of media attention. For instance, it has been featured in Forbes and CNET. What’s more, the app has a very high customer approval rating. 

With Minspy, you can track someone’s cell phone location secretly and remotely. The app works on both iOS and Android devices. Besides, Minsoy doesn’t require technical skills to use it on your target. 

Why do users trust Minspy? 

Apart from having dozens of features, Minspy comes with other remarkable characteristics. Here are some of them: 

  1. 100% undetectable 

All the location tracking activities in Minspy works in the background. This way, the app doesn’t interfere with the performance of the target cell phone. So, your tracking activities will be undetectable by the phone user. 

What’s more, on iOS devices, the app doesn’t require installation. Rather, Minspy uses the iCloud backup to spy on the target iPhone. For Android devices, you need one-time access to install the app. 

After the installation of the Android app, Minspy automatically deletes its icon to hide its presence. 

  1. Safe 

Minspy doesn’t capture data from third-party apps. This guarantees data privacy for the target device user. Also, your Minspy dashboard is password-protected to ensure you are the only one who can access it. 

  1. No rooting or jailbreaking 

With Minspy, you won’t have to root or jailbreak the target cell phone to track its whereabouts. Besides, rooting Android smartphones or iPhone compromises the security of the target cell phone. 

To avoid these measures, Minspy relies on the latest technology in phone surveillance. 


#2 Spyine 

Another reputable and reliable phone tracking app is Spyine. This app is equipped with over 30 tracking features. Besides, it supports both Android phones and iPhones. 

Spyine is a web-based tracking app that allows you to track and monitor the whereabouts of the target remotely. With Spyine, you only need to log in to your Spyine dashboard to start tracking the whereabouts of a cell phone. 

Also, you won’t have to root or jailbreak the target cell phone to start tracking it. 


#3 Neatspy 

Neatspy is another popular and reliable phone tracking app. It is trusted by users across more than 190 countries across the world. With Neatspy, users get over 30 tracking features. 

One of the popular tracking features in this app is the location tracking feature. This provides details such as GPS coordinates and street address where the target cell phone is. Neatspy works on iPhones and Android phones. 

To avoid detection, Neatspy works in the background. What’s more, Neatspy doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target cell phone. 


#4 Spyier

As one of the latest phone tracking apps, Spyier delivers amazing features. The app supports iPhones and Android smartphones. Best of all, no rooting or jailbreaking necessary for the app to start tracking your target. 

Spyier is available across the world. It comes with more than 30 phone tracking features besides the ability to monitor a cell phone’s location. Also, it works in stealth to avoid detection. 


#5 Spyic 

Spyic is a pioneer in the phone tracking industry. The app comes with over 35 phone tracking features that let you track anything from location to installed apps. With Spyic, users have access to a trusted phone tracking app. 

It boasts of more than a million users across the world. Besides, it can track any iOS or Android device. Spyic is also a web-based phone tracking app that makes it possible to track a cell phone remotely and discreetly. 


#6 ClickFree

Another reputable phone tracking app is ClickFree. The app is among the latest so it provides a sleek user interface. Besides, it delivers more than 30 phone tracking features. 

Spyic like other reputable apps supports tracking of iPhones and Android smartphones. Remarkably, the app doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target device to start tracking it. 


#7 Spyzie 

Spyzie is another phone tracking app that supports the monitoring of iPhones and Android cell phones. Also, the app works in the background to avoid interfering with the target cell phone performance. 

The location tracking feature in Spyzie provides details like GPS coordinates, street addresses, and location history. Spyzie provides more than 30 phone tracking features besides the location tracking feature. 


#8 FoneMonitor

With FoneMonitor, users have access to a comprehensive phone tracking app. It is equipped with more than 30 features. Besides, over a million users globally trust and use FoneMonitor for their tracking needs. 

FoneMonitor is a web-based tracking app that lets you track the whereabouts of a phone remotely. You only need to log in to your FoneMonitor dashboard to start tracking your target. 


#9 TeenSafe

As one of the latest surveillance apps, TeenSafe provides users with virtually unlimited tracking features. Besides tracking the whereabouts of the target cell phone, it can track virtually any other aspect. 

The app tracking of both iOS and Android devices. With TeenSafe, the app includes a geofence feature that allows users to define a virtual boundary. This allows you to receive notifications when the target cell phone crosses it. 


#10 Cocospy 

Cocospy is another pioneer in the phone tracking industry. The app comes with more than 35 phone tracking features. With Cocospy, users can easily track the whereabouts of iPhones and Android smartphones. 

Cocospy is also a web-based phone surveillance app that lets you track the whereabouts of a phone remotely. 



With so many phone tracking apps available today, find the best can be a challenge. In this post, we shared the 10 best cell phone location trackers. Feel free to use Minspy or any other app for your cell phone tracking needs.


Meet T-RAT, a New Malware You Can Control Via Telegram

A new remote access trojan (RAT) advertisement has been circulating on Russian underground hacking forums recently, according to cybersecurity researchers. Named T-RAT, the new malware allows hackers to take over infected devices using a Telegram channel instead of a web-based administration panel. The advertisement reads that T-RAT offers users a simpler and faster way to access devices from any location. All they need is an Internet connection and the malware. The content is in Russian and highlights comfort and convenience because buyers can control the RAT from their smartphone using the Telegram app.

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The encrypted-messaging app’s channel supports 98 commands that allow hackers to steal passwords and similar data, browse through the victim’s files, plant a keylogger, access the microphone and record audio, take pictures using the camera, and collect content on clipboard. Furthermore, T-RAT enables cybercriminals to hijack cryptocurrency and digital currency transactions by checking the clipboard for coin addresses and replacing them. This mechanism, called clipper, supports BTC, Ripple, Tron, Qiwi, and much more.

The malware can also block access to websites like antivirus providers, redirect programs, and disable the taskbar and task manager, causing major system disruptions. @3xp0rtblog discovered T-RAT and posted information on Twitter, including advertisement banners, a sample hash, and selling threads. According to ZDNet, the new RAT is available for $45. Karsten Hahn, a security researcher at G DATA, verified that T-RAT lives up to its expectations, adding that it is only the latest in a series of malicious software that can be controlled through Telegram. And although T-RAT’s threat is still relatively low, mostly because hackers remain skeptical about commercial malware, Hahn thinks this new RAT is already gaining an audience.

“There are regular uploads of new T-RAT samples to VirusTotal. I would assume it is in distribution but have no further evidence of it,” said Hahn.

With the mounting threat of cyberattacks, Internet users must remain vigilant and use the latest cybersecurity tools. TheVPN.Guru provides VPN reviews and how-to guides, in addition to online security tips and tricks.

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SSL Guide

Do you know how SSL certificates work? Here is your SSL guide

Internet is great – you can browse all kinds of websites, engage with people around the globe on social media, shop online, stay entertained, and do a ton of other fun and useful things which would not have been possible had the WWW (World Wide Web) not been around.

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However, is it safe to provide your personal and financial information online? There is no way you can get into a serious internet transaction, social or financial, without providing this information. But what if someone were to intercept the communication between your browser and the webserver to steal the information being exchanged (this is called MITM, or a man in the middle attack)? Now, that can be scary. Imagine someone getting access to your details and you becoming a victim of identity theft or someone emptying your bank account because they got hold of the information from a financial transaction you conducted online.

As a website owner, you must take care of these user concerns to sustain and grow your online business.

Is there a way to prevent data theft during data transactions? Of course, the SSL is the solution.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) turns your plain HTTP text (where the data is transmitted in plain text) into HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). HTTPS works by encrypting the data before it is put on the communication channel, and the other side decrypts it. The entire encryption process works in a manner where only the endpoints know how to encrypt and decrypt the exchanged data. So, even if a hacker launched a MITM attack on you, they will not be able to succeed in their malicious intent as they will not be able to make sense of the encrypted material.

How does SSL work?

SSL works by encryption, which can either be asymmetric or symmetric. Let us look at what these encryption mechanisms mean.

Asymmetric encryption

Asymmetric encryption
Asymmetric encryption (image credit: cheapsslsecurity.com)

Also called Asymmetric cryptography, or public-key cryptography, this mechanism uses a mathematically generated pair of keys for encryption and decryption. The public key is shared with the party you want to communicate with, while you keep the private key as a well-protected secret that no one knows except you.

During data communication, the information is encoded using the private key and can only be decrypted by using the associated public key.

Symmetric encryption

Symmetric encryption
Symmetric encryption (image credit: miro.medium.com)

In Symmetric cryptography, there is no need for a private/public key pair – the same key is used at both ends for encryption and decryption.

There are two parts to SSL communication:

  • Initial SSL handshake
  • Actual SSL data transfer

SSL uses Asymmetric (Example algorithms: DSA, ElGamal, RSA, PKCS, and Elliptic curve techniques) cryptography in the initial handshake and Symmetric (Using algorithms such as AES-128, AES-192, and AES-256) encryption for the actual data transfer between the communication parties.

Let us now get deeper into the actual SSL communication process.

Initial SSL handshake

SSL communication always begins with an initial SSL handshake. This asymmetric communication where the browser verifies the authenticity of the webserver gets hold of the server’s public key and establishes the HTTPS connection for the actual data transfer.

SSL handshake
SSL handshake (image credit: blog.doteasy.com)

Here are the steps in of an SSL handshake:

  • The client begins by sending a “client hello” to the server. This message includes information about the client, such as encryption settings, SSL version, session-specific data, etc. needed by the server to start communicating with the client over SSL.
  • Once the server receives the “client hello,” it responds with a “server hello” message. This message includes server information such as encryption settings, SSL version, session-specific data, and its SSL certificate (which includes its public key), etc. that is needed by the client to begin using SSL to communicate with the server
  • Before initiating any further communication, the client verifies the SSL certificate presented by the server with the CA (Certificate Authority). If the server authentication fails, the client shows a warning to the user and refuses the SSL connection.
  • If the server is authenticated, the client encrypts (using the server’s public key) a session key it creates and sends it back to the server.
  • On receiving the session key, the server uses its private key to decrypt the session key and sends back an encrypted (using the session key) acknowledgment to the client.

So, once the initial SSL handshake is complete, both the parties end up with a session key to be used for encryption and decryption of the exchanged data. The private and public SSL keys are not used any further in the communication.

Actual SSL data transfer

SSL data transfer
SSL data transfer (image credit: tutorialsteacher.com)

The actual data transfer between the client and the server uses symmetric cryptography with the shared session key used at both ends for encryption and decryption. The reason to use symmetric cryptography in the actual SSL data transfer is that symmetric encryption/decryption is less CPU intensive compared to Asymmetric cryptography.

Role of SSL certificates

Now that you understand how SSL works let us turn our attention to the role of SSL certificates. SSL certificates, also called digital certificates, are critical in establishing the secure HTTPS communication between the web server and client browser and If You want an ssl certificate to secure your website then You can get your certificate from ClickSSL, a reliable SSL provider that stocks a dynamic range of SSL certificates from some of the world’s best certificate authorities (CAs) at surprisingly low prices.

SSL certificate has been issued by a trusted CA (Certificate Authority). The SSL certificate carries the public key and other information about the certificate owner. During the SSL handshake process, the server sends its public key to the client by sharing its SSL certificate, which the client uses to authenticate the webserver with the CA.

The user can see the details of the SSL certificate on their browser too (every browser has a different way of presenting it, but the information is the same – verified and included in the SSL certificate by the CA)

SSl Role
(image credit: mktg.namecheap.com)

There are many kinds of SSL certificates for you to pick from. The choice depends on the level of validation (yes, the CA will validate the identity of the entity requesting the SSL certificate using various levels of verification) you are prepared for and the number of domains/subdomains you want to protect.


Advantages of having an SSL certificate

Sounds good, right? Wait till you hear more.

Not only do you secure the information exchange between client and yourself, but there are also other perks of having an SSL certificate installed on your server.

Your users will see an indication on their web browsers (usually a green padlock on the address bar) to indicate that the communication is secured using SSL. This assures them that they can share personal and financial information with you without worrying about data theft during communication. Having this confidence means that they are more likely to engage with you at a deeper level and have a higher chance of conversion, which means more money in your pocket.

Not only that, but you also get targeted organic traffic from search engines when you use SSL. Yes, that is true. Search engines rank you higher on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if your web pages use HTTPS. So, not having SSL is like leaving money on the table. Why would you not want more SEO traffic from the search engines, when it is proven beyond doubt that these visitors have a higher chance of converting as they are looking for what you have to offer?

How to get an SSL certificate?

Now that you understand the basics of SSL let us look at how you can get one. The certificate authorities like GeoTrust, Comodo, Symantec, etc. issue SSL certificates.All these certificate authorities including GeoTrust are the leading Certificate Authorities that you can request your SSL certificate from, and they offer the type of certificates to meet your needs.

When you decide to secure the website, you need to purchase SSL certificate let’s say if you buy GeoTrust SSL Certificate, you will need to share your domain name(s), physical address, business details, and other information that the CA will need to verify your identity. You may be asked for additional documents to support your claim over the domain and to establish your identity. The CA may take other steps like phone and domain verification to authenticate your request. The level of confirmation depends on the kind of SSL certificate you are seeking.

Once the CA is convinced of your identity and has verified your request, you will get your SSL certificate, which out can install on your web server and start reaping the benefits of having your site running on HTTPS.

In summary, hopefully, this article has delivered its promise. You must now have a good understanding of how SSL and SSL certificates work. Not only that, but you can also now better appreciate the benefits of having HTTPS on your website. Also, you have gained information of where to get your SSL certificate from. So, go ahead – Buy GeoTrust SSL Certificate and get on with your online success.


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