Protect Your Company Privacy with VPNs

How to Protect Your Company Privacy with VPNs

Your company information must be well protected! Read below how to secure your company privacy through VPN.

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With an average security breaking cost of $4 million, only a few companies on the planet can afford it without a problem. A business VPN can protect the privacy of your company. A VPN securely connects every company device, whether local (on-site) or not (off-site). This allows users to avoid fraud by “fishing” schemes, international perpetrators, and even competitors.

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Here are some ways a VPN can protect your company.

Improves Cyber ​​Security

Securing internet lines and firewalls is not enough to protect the millions of users who have been attacked in recent years. Antivirus protection is just as good as the people who programmed it and the users who updated it. A large percentage of malicious software and viruses can penetrate antivirus without any problem.

Improves Cyber ​​Security
Improves Cyber ​​Security

Most internet connections have no security or encryption unless the data is sent over VPN.

Using VPN enables any user to encrypt data from start to finish. By protecting sensitive customer information, internal documents and employee communication, VPNs can save company money. This improved security guarantees that information does not “leak” and that companies keep their secrets intact.

Lost trade secrets cost millions. Just ask Sonny for more.

Secure Data Sharing and without risk

Within colleagues or businesses, data is shared between different groups all the time. Without a business VPN, data is easily vulnerable to pirate attacks.

Secure Data Sharing and without risk
Secure Data Sharing and without risk

Documents attached to emails, document storage services or any network outside the company’s own control must be encrypted. Using a business VPN, you can have all Internet communication encrypted. In these cases, only allowed users and with the right key can decrypt and use the data.

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Business VPNs help avoid important data retrieval cases we’ve heard in the news in recent years.

Internet Censorship Can Lower Productivity

If you or your staff travel or work in countries that apply Internet censorship (eg China, Turkey, Russia, etc.), this can make it challenging to get the job done. Employees need to avoid any obstacles in order for their work to progress and they succeed in doing what they do best. Not only do VPN providers allow for a fast connection, but users can select locations from where their connection needs to be shown where it is coming from.

Internet Censorship Can Lower Productivity
Internet Censorship Can Lower Productivity

For companies that create products or services that are not allowed in some countries, VPN allows easy and simple access.

In some countries, Google, email or even Youtube access is restricted. Connecting to a US or European VPN allows you full access and functionality without overriding censorship.

Using VPN Can Save Your Company

Whether or not you had any of the above problems, leaving your company vulnerable to pirate attacks is risky and costly. An attack can lead to the whole system being stolen or intercepted by your competitors. Instead of discarding your work, keep company secrets with VPN.

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