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WPA3 is coming this year to enhance Wi-Fi router security

The Wi-Fi Alliance, a clutch of companies responsible for certifying products as capable of transmitting data over Wi-Fi, is working on WPA3, a new wireless protocol that’s designed to...

Dell’s XPS 15 2-in-1 comes with Intel’s new AMD-powered graphics

Just a few days after announcing a redesigned XPS 13, Dell is now announcing a new take on its 15 inch model at CES 2018. Say hello to the XPS...
HDMI 2.1

HDMI 2.1 specs and features: Everything you need to know

HDMI 2.1 is here, delivering breathtaking bandwidth and enabling a raft of mouthwatering new capabilities. The new standard won't impact the average user today or even in...
Vava Voom 22 Bluetooth speakers

Vava Voom 22 review: Bluetooth speakers worthy of your living room

And now, leaving the best for last, it’s the turn of the gorgeous Vava Voom 22. This Bluetooth speaker system comes in two configurations, either as a single...

Anker’s Nebula Capsule is a 100-inch Android projector the size of a soda can

Now the company is gearing up to launch its smallest model yet in the Nebula Capsule, which fits an Android 7.0 projector in a device the size of a soda...
download Facebook’s unreleased Bonfire video chat app

How to download Facebook’s unreleased Bonfire video chat app today

Today we discovered Bonfire, Facebook’s new group video chat app, on the Danish iOS App Store. At time of writing, it’s not available in the US App Store — or...

7 Tips & Tricks to Become an Android Expert

This is a fact that Android has captured a significant market among the smartphone users. At the same, it has to be agreed that most of the Android phone users are...

Lenovo shows off an absurd laptop concept with a flexible screen

Lenovo has some wild ideas to share. At an event in New York today, the company showed off its idea of the future of personal computing with...

I’m so happy external GPUs are finally a thing

Laptops are an exercise in compromise. Faster processors, longer battery life, and quality materials usually mean sacrificing thermals, portability, and/or your bank account. Wanting a decent dedicated...

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