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What you need to know about monitors and 4K TV

4K TVs offer the best viewing experience today compared to any other standard It is one of the screens with the highest pixel density on the market at...
Samsung Exynos 880

Exynos 880 Samsung’s new processor brings 5G to mid-range smartphones

Designed for smartphones priced at $300-$400 Samsung unveiled a new processor for mid-range smartphones, the Exynos 880 model, and has the power of last year's most potent Exynos...
Realme X3 SuperZoom

Realme X3 SuperZoom: A super smartphone with a super camera

Realme X3 SuperZoom comes to Europe with a 120Hz display and zoom periscope Realme is working hard to gain ground in the European market. After releasing initially mid-range...

New HP EliteBook laptops refreshed with AMD Ryzen 4000 & 10th Gen Intel Comet...

HP EliteBook laptops are designed for practicality rather than advanced functionality The company yesterday unveiled new updated models with some mandatory updates such as the 10th generation Intel...
Xperia 1 II

(Updated) Sony launches its first 5G phone, Xperia 1 II

5G, super-smooth display, and a beefy camera Sony unveiled its first 5G smartphone this Sunday in a bid to revive falling smartphone business hopes. With the Xperia 1...
Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition

Meet the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition made for the US Army

S20 Tactical Edition is a reinforced version to serve the military The advancement of technology goes hand in hand with the reinforcement of the materials it comes with,...
Workplace Rooms

Facebook creates a version of Messenger Rooms for business companies

Called Workplace Rooms, the new service can host videos and conversations of up to 50 people simultaneously Last week Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms, a video chat service and...
Ryzen 3 3100 Boosted to 5.92Ghz

Ryzen 3 3100 AMD’s budget processor reaches a record frequency of nearly 6Ghz

This processor will go on sale on June 16 AMD's budget processor, Ryzen 3 3100, has been boosted to 6Ghz, very close to the Ryzen 9 3950X model...

Samsung revealed the new 50MP ISOCELL GN1 camera sensor for smartphones

With the ISOCELL GN1 sensor, Samsung’s priority is a high resolution and fast autofocus. Samsung today unveiled the new 50-megapixel sensor called ISOCELL GN1. It is Samsung's first...

POCO F2 Pro unveiled: Price, specs and other details

The POCO F2 Pro, like the two-year-old Pocophone F1, offers more at that price POCO, a smartphone brand that came out on its own from Xiaomi, last week...

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