Jaguar XF 300 Sport special

The Jaguar XF 300 Sport special edition will arrive with 296 horsepower

The XF sport model has been modified by Jaguar for 2019, and will be launched as part of a special edition called the XF300 Sport, the reports Telegraph.

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Starting from $63,000, excluding the shipping fee, this car will have a different grill, side fans, some interior parts, and the wheels that will be offered at 19 and 20-inch.

With three options for the color of the exterior, the car will have the 300 Sport mark on the new grill system, rear deflectors and new brake pads.

The interior will be of leather, which, apart from the seats, also includes the side parts as well as those of the auxiliary instruments.

The car with 296 horsepower engine, the speed from zero to 100 kilometers per hour can reach in 5.6 seconds, while it can move at a maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour

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