The 5 Best Vehicles for Life in Rural Scotland,

The 5 Best Vehicles for Life in Rural Scotland

The Scottish landscape is made up of 95% rural areas, meaning there is plenty of demand for cars equipped to deal with the terrain. Battling with countryside roads involves potholes, mud trails, flooding, and icy conditions during the winter. Naturally, some cars are better equipped for traversing through Scotland than others, and here are the top five cars.


BMW makes its way onto the majority of “best car” lists, so there’s no surprise the BMW X3 wins the top spot for driving in rural Scotland. The X3’s suspension makes bumpy roads feel smoother than ever, and with excellent traction and xDrive packed in, their ais no terrain too much for this beast. When it comes to storage space, the boot boasts an impressive 550 litres as standard.

Land Rover Range Rover

The Range Rover is a rural staple that boasts driver visibility and comfort, which are perfect for those long winding roads. Modern Range Rovers come with the Pivi Pro System, which elevates handling and makes it the perfect off-road companion. Further, innovative technology gives it an edge with an all-wheel driving and steering system. When dealing with flooded areas, the Range Rover’s Wade Mode means that it can drive through water up to 900mm deep.

Technical specs aside, the Range Rover is spacious enough for the whole family to enjoy and has an incredible pulling power of 3500kg. Naturally, a car of this statute doesn’t come cheap, which is why you will need to compare car finance through Their user-friendly website will pull available deals from an enormous catalogue of providers, and it only takes two minutes to compare car finance offers for your next vehicle.

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is a top seller, and it’s recommended as the best B-road explorer. Stop what you’re doing if luxury is your priority, as this prestigious car will more than satisfy a lifetime of rural driving. The technology inside the Cayenne comes with different modes for tackling sand, mud, rock, and gravel, which means there’s no road it can’t handle.

Audi Q7

Audis are known for their fierce speeds on UK motorways, but the Q7 dominates when it comes to rural landscapes. Inside, the boot boasts an enormous 865 litres of space and there are seven seats, which makes it the perfect addition to the family. Further, the Audi Q7 ticks all of the NCAP boxes, scoring an impressive 5 stars.

Mini Countryman

The clue is in the name; the Mini Countryman is the perfect choice for commuting through rural Scotland. Typically known for their small cars, this Mini is the largest in the range and boasts an impressive 450-litre capacity boot. Twists and turns on rural roads are no challenge for the Mini Countryman, equipped with Dynamic Stability Control, which applies brakes to different wheels accordingly.

Living in rural Scotland is extremely peaceful but you’ll need a car equipped to manage the terrain. The cars listed above are easily the best when it comes to rural living; you just need to chase down affordable car finance.

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