Such a big deal once again cheats a web site bubble’s ears, and draws incredible pants from user’s thinking. So what is the proportion, and why has he made so much money? Inviting bills as a big fun way to share the picture with friends. Put pictures with cell phones and then select more than a dozen filters to give a special look to the images. Share them with captions and their places, and social networking websites like friends and friends on Twitter and Instagram. Stormlikes is the better options to get more followers and likes if you need.

Follow the Instagram community

But the real value on Facebook is a cell phone community built in such a short time.

It is now one of the largest social networks with over 40 million sign-up users, who can follow pictures and their comments on these photos. More than one billion pictures are downloaded or nearly 6 million are as downloaded. The daily user’s amount is too high, the photos like more than 600 seconds per second, and more than 85 comments per second.

On December 21, 2010, the installer has recorded an instant application to access 1.5 million downloads. He requested this year in 2011. Like many other applications and social network websites. Anyway, Enamel has not yet seen a company model. But cities like Filters and Anne Taylor have made their brands to market, and there are many politicians and celebrities.

Why Instagram has largest connection

Instagram has Facebook and Twitter’s largest connection, which also includes rumor as a powerful buyer. CEO and founder of the Instagram application was an ODEO, the firm who appreciated Twitter’s social networking website. In 2006 Steinford University is also working on the Google search engines and GM, and corporate development groups in the Google search engines.

User’s ability for likes

By December 2010, Instagram was 1.5 million registered users. The June 2011 Instagram released 5 million subscribers in 2010, which passed 10 million in 10 September 2010. The Enamam announced that it has 100 million images in its service by July 2011. This amount has reached 150 million shares from 2012 to August, it has been issued that more than 30 million registration of the institute application. Fresh and Android editions installed in Google play an important role and can download more than 1 million only in half a day.

Awards and achievement to Instagram

In January 2011, for installing the mobile phone application was the best man in the year 2010 Tech Crutch Crunchiest. In 2011, the best and fast firm CEO Kevin Sitcom on the 66th of the best people in Business 2011.

  • In June 2011, the magazine was co-founder Courier and Systromom in 2011, 30, Under List and 30.
  • In September 2011, in SF Saturday, the Instagram won “the honor of the locally built mobile phone application” in the weekend.
  • The 2011 released 7×7 popular magazine featured Krieger and Systemom on the first floor of its top business deals.
  • In December 2011, Apple Inc., Title Instagram “Request for Year in 2011”


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