Toys for Toddlers

Play and toys are an important part of every child. You should start introducing your little one to toys at a young age in order to spark their creativity and let them have fun. However, not every toy is safe for all ages and you need to know what kind of toys to get for your toddler. There are a couple of things to consider and here they are.

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Prioritize Safety

Not all toys that exist are toddler-friendly. Some of them could cause injury to your child or have some toxins or other things that could cause problems. When picking a new toy, it’s important to keep safety in mind so your kid could enjoy the toys and remain safe at all times. What you should do is always read and respect the age recommendation, read the labels on tags and packaging and don’t choose toys with small loose parts. Also, make sure there are no sharp edges or objects so your little one won’t get stabbed or cut.

Educational Toys

Your little toddler is constantly learning and educational toys can be a great gift and means of learning. Focus on getting toys that can teach your kid many different skills that they are going to need. Puzzles, interlocking and building blocks are great for sharpening logical thinking skills and they are fun. Also, shape sorters or other toys that make your kid figure out things on their own will help develop problem-solving skills. Other great educational toys are those that will encourage your toddler to read and speak, and these include picture books, coloring books and sound books. What is more, educational toys are very easy to find anywhere you look, you just have to do a little research and you can find great educational toys at BORN CUTE.

Spark Their Imagination

You should also focus on sharpening their imagination, because that is also part of learning and get them toys that allow them to create their own stories or develop roles and characters, such as dolls and toys for pretend play, such as doctor and kitchen sets for example. What is more, through pretend play and toys that accompany it, your child will get to learn about different roles in life, characteristics of certain jobs and some valuable life lessons. 

Something for Their Love of Music

If your toddler has already started to express likes towards music, you should then start focusing on music toys. However, since your kid is young you may even start with some bells and other simpler instruments and objects that make a sound. Also, there are toys that can play songs, so your kid can rhyme and dance beside them. Additionally, you can combine music toys and educational toys and look for those that can teach your kid new words for certain items while playing some music and simply let them have fun. 

Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activity is essential for a child’s growth and development, but you have to keep in mind not to try and make your toddler perform too complicated activities since they are still too young. But, there are simple toys that can encourage them to work out and use their muscles, such as riding toys, rocking horses and even smaller bikes with three wheels. 

In order for your child to learn valuable life lessons and skills, it’s important for them to play. The best accessories for playing are toys, but you have to make sure that the toys are safe for them and age-appropriate. Also, don’t just get them one type of toy but focus on a wide variety and types of toys that can provide your child with different skills and knowledge.


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