Becoming successful today in the corporate world is a severe accomplishment. When your business does grow successful, it is but customary to hold a yearly corporate event. This corporate event would be a gathering of all your shareholders and stakeholders, your employees and your most loyal clients. However, this gathering of people will only be a called a meeting without an essential ingredient added to the mix – the musical entertainment.

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The Australian Music Company has a wide variety of musicians, from live bands to DJs, to provide musical entertainment to your corporate events. Your choice of musical entertainment provider will mostly depend on the following:

What Vibe Do You Want to Create?

Music sets the tone to any corporate event. Music lets guests know the type of experience that they are going to expect. When a live band plays chill jazz the whole event, it communicates to your guests that they should relax, have a cocktail, and communicate with your fellow peers. When you hire a DJ spinning hip-hop music, it tells your guests to get up on the dance floor and let loose.

If your ultimate goal in setting up the corporate event is for your guests to talk to one another and increase their network, then you can hire a live band that plays soft music such as jazz and ballads. However, if you want your guests to enjoy themselves, then you can hire loud rock bands or DJs.

How Much Do You Want to Spend? 

A full band has more people in it and has more equipment needed to set up. Therefore, it makes sense that a live band is more expensive than hiring a DJ. You have to check your budget and decide on how much you are willing to pay for your musical entertainment. It is also important to determine how long your event will last. The longer the event, the more expensive hiring a live band will be.

If you have a long event, you can hire both a live band and a DJ from the Australian Music Company and have them switched between sets. For example, you can have the live band plays during cocktail hours and during dinner while having the DJ play when you want your guests to let loose already. At this time, most of the business conversations are made with, and your guests are now ready to party.

Does Your Event Have an Underlying Theme?

If your event has a theme, you might want to select a band from the Australian Music Company that has the specialty for that kind of music. For example, if you are going for a Hawaiian-themed Event, then you should make sure that the band you hire knows a lot of Hawaiian or beach related songs.

Does Your Venue Have Restrictions?

Another thing to consider when hiring musical entertainment for your event is your venue. Does your place have restrictions? Do they allow loud music? Can you set up a stage for a band or are you just limited to a DJ platform? Restrictions in your venue will ultimately define your choice between a live band and a DJ.

Musicians for events are usually busy during the weekends. These are the times that they have their regular gigs. So if you have an upcoming event, it is better to contact the band or DJ’s managers or the Australian Music Company to book their musicians in advanced.


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