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In simple terms, the eventual goal of search engine optimization is to improve the rank of a website. Search engine optimization can be distributed into two categories which are on page SEO and off page SEO. Off page SEO refers to the set of activities executed beyond the website boundary to improve its performance. For instance, social media marketing is one powerful off page SEO practice. Brands that have active social media pages get a large number of clicks on their websites result in improved search engine ranks. These days, social media is one of the powerful off page SEO methods.

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To get the best off page SEO results, a lot depends on the tools being used. You can expect your website to improve majorly if the correct off page SEO tools are used. Here are the top 3 off page SEO tools which you can look at.

  1. Google Indexer by Prepost SEO

At times, all the pages of a website are not displayed among the list of searched results. The pages that do not appear are not added to the search engine repository. This simply means that they are not indexed. You need to remember that your targeted customers would only be able to viewed indexed pages of a website. This simply means that if any of the pages have not been indexed, they would not be viewable to the user. Other than that, using a proper indexing tool is extremely important. The Google Indexer by Prepost SEO is one of the finest tools which can be used for this purpose. The tool is free and extremely easy to use. Along with that, it offers the following benefits to the users.

  • This tool allows you to submit 10 URL’s at a time. In other words, you can ping search engines from 10 different domains at the same time. This is much easier than adding one link at a time and then sending the corresponding request to the search engine. With the Prepost SEO Google Indexer, there is no need to follow such a long process. You can submit a maximum of 10 URL’s at the same time.
  • The Google Indexer by Prepost SEO allows you to ping to more than 65 search engines at the same time. If you look at the overall process, it is unbelievable easy and convenient to use. There are no lengthy forms or steps involved for indexing purposes.
  • A lot of indexing tools available on the internet claim to be free but there are conditions applied. For instance, only few features of the tool may be free. Another issue present in most cases is trial version. The indexing tool has a list of restrictions which are removed only when the user pays a fee. With the Prepost SEO Google indexer, none of these restrictions prevail. All the premium features of this tool are available free of cost without any charges.
  1. Moz Bar

The Moz bar is a handy tool that can be used for indexing and various other purposes as well. It can easily be added as an addon for more convenient usage. With the Moz bar, you can get your hands on the following benefits.

  • With Moz Bar, you can compare pages on the basis of different metrics. This helps when a website is lacking in a specific area. For instance, if you are not using keywords according to updated searching preferences, it would be identified using Moz Bar.
  • The Moz bar allows you to carry out custom searches through  which the user can set his own searching requirements. Users can customize their searches on the basis of location, region and other core parameters.
  • The Moz Bar allows you to use various key metrics to perform a comparison between pages. If any of your pages is lacking anything, you would know about it by using the Moz Bar. In an overall manner, the Moz Bar is an amazing tool for off page SEO.
  1. Buzz Sumo

When you talk about the finest off page SEO tools that should be considered in the year 2019, buzz sumo is one of the best alternatives you can look at. Buzz Sumo has immense features that can be used for off page SEO.  Here are some of the key highlights that buzz sumo has.

  • Buzz Sumo can be used for brank marketing in an effective manner. You can set up alerts through which you can see how new online techniques can be used to improve brand performance.
  • Keyword research is one of the many features which Buzz Sumo puts on the table for the users. Keyword analysis and research is extremely important as you need to check whether you are using the correct keywords or not. You can only get a good rate of traffic when the correct keywords have been used. With Buzz Sumo, you perform competitor analysis on the basis of keywords. If a brand competing with you has a better online standing, the website may be using an important set of keywords not present in your content.
  • Content is anything and everything for any website. Without high quality content, it is quite hard for a website to survive and attain success. Thus, you can say that quality content is absolutely necessary. With Buzz Sumo, you can perform a comparison between the content of your website and what is published on competitor websites. This is actually a very good strategic move as you get to know where you are lacking in the content area. Most websites ahead of you in terms of rank would have better content on display. Thus, with the help of Buzz Sumo, you would be able to perform a complete comparison on the basis of content.

Summing It Up

A proper tool for off page SEO is very much a necessity. The top tools listed above can help you achieving the best off page SEO results. All of them are easy to use and cover all aspects required by a website to attain top notch off page SEO results.


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