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Moving into the apartments near Scottsdale as your new home can be a state of utmost happiness and joy for you. The empty walls of your new wall can be boring to stare at. You can eventually change the background of your boring empty wall by adding a wooden picture frame set. The wooden wall picture framesembark and remain a traditional way of protecting your empty walls. They are beautifully shaped and structured in a way to brings an exclusive and memorable presence.

Also, wooden picture frames can be a good reason for presenting to someone who has recently shifted to a new home. Therefore, it can be presented as a fantastic gift for your loved ones. You can get these frames in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles with the best online home decor stores.

Types of Wooden Frame Designs 

Moreover, wooden frame pictures feature in various designs such as floral, ornamentation, raw finish, textured finish, beads, grooves, and various others. They come in painted forms designed with imaginable colors. It creates a natural wood tone ranging from walnut, pine, and mahogany. Also, these wooden wall picture frames are combined in bold primary colors such as green, purple, and blue. 

However, these wooden picture frames are structured in bright bold colors to create a lasting impression on the onlookers. In addition to this, they are also featured in classic black and traditional white. Sometimes, these wall picture frames are structured in antique forms to create a remarkable presence on your boring wall. 

Additionally, wooden picture frames can be featured in matt, rustic, and glossy finish depending upon the choice of frame you choose for your new home. However, the semi-matt finish is mostly used and widely known for decorating your empty walls. These wooden frame pictures are said to be common and available in different styles. 

Features of Wooden Picture Frames

  • Wooden picture frame resembles the artistic nature of your wall
  • They are wider and based on the heavier side
  • They are costlier than the metal frames
  • They are basically ornate followed by a semi-matt finish
  • The entire frame is molded in wooden form
  • They come in assembled form
  • Wooden frames are structured in hanging hardware which can be attached with the provided screws using a screwdriver or drill machine
  • Wooden picture frames are more durable and hardy
  • It is made of solid wood thus last for centuries
  • You can easily personalized your wood frames according to your decor style or personal preference

Wooden Picture Frame Home Decor Ideas

If you choose the right wooden wall picture frame with the right colors for your boring walls it can transform into priceless memories. Just by hanging a wooden frame can establish marginal changes to the walls but decorating the wall with interesting decor ideas can create a lasting impression on the onlookers. 

Let’s look at some of the interesting wall decor ideas to try at home:

Colored Margins

Wooden picture frames just do not come in basic black, white, or brown finish. With changing time and creativity, you can now add bold and bright colors to your classic brown wooden frames. Yes, you can now add wide colorful margins. You can place these colorful margins in collage form to bring out its artistic nature on your walls.

Using on the Staircase

Along the staircase is the most unused place which is commonly ignored by the house dwellers. You can use that place to feature your wooden picture frames again in collage form. Also, you can project these wooden frames in a timeline or chronological story of your loved ones.

Family Tree

You can also use the wooden picture frame in a family tree form in collage style. Therefore, you can picture it in a formal or personal way to resemble your huge family across generations. 


A wooden picture frame exhibits creative quality to your time and effort, and focus on shades, highlights, and the position where the picture was taken. An extraordinary picture drops its value whenever put in a nasty structure bought at the flea market. A wooden photo frame outlines a simple style with no fancy decoration. They have clean lines in a blend of shades from classic dark frames to bright, bold shades like red, ocean red, or natural green. 

Wooden frames are accessible in a wide range of measurements and absolute depths so you can outline pictures, yet additionally add artistic things like embroidery things, remarkable pottery clothing, or petite shoelaces. Wooden picture frame is an extraordinary method to say something on your empty boring walls. They are fashionable and will give each picture an artistic look. If you need your picture walls to look remarkably designed, wooden frames are the best approach. These are a couple of reasons why wooden frames are so popular and on-demand, and their popularity makes sure to keep going for a long time.

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