If you want to provide extra security to your vehicle you cannot miss this article about the best automotive accessories for your car. However, it must be borne in mind that although all these devices can improve the driving experience it is necessary to make sure that any accessory we buy is properly homologated.

Some accessories improve the safety of the vehicle in a very important way. Including this type of elements can reduce the chances of a contingency occurring and, if it does happen, minimize the damage. It is for that reason that we have made a list of those systems that will increase the protection of the car and those who travel in it.

The best safety accessories for your car of 2019

F30 Dual Lens camera

It is a driving camera which has two adjustable cameras in a radius of 120 °, joined in a single device so that you can expand the recording radius. For example, you can place it in the back of the vehicle, orienting one of the cameras towards the front, while the other will monitor everything that happens behind the vehicle.

The device includes a 2.7-inch screen in which the content collected by both cameras can be displayed. In addition, it has an emergency sensor that, when detecting an impact on the vehicle, automatically saves the images it has collected seconds before the impact. For more info browse WWW.AUTODOC.CO.UK .

External vision cameras

If you want to have more controlled what is outside your car because there are areas that are always clearly seen, external vision cameras can be what you need. This type of cameras can offer a very useful help during our driving.

These are objects that are usually shaped, on the one hand, by the camera itself, which is placed in the back of the car, and a monitor, through which we will see the images collected by it. Thanks to all this, what is achieved is to have total control over the space surrounding the vehicle in question, eliminating any possible blind spot that could be and be dangerous.

Change the size of your rearview mirror

Does it give you the feeling when you drive that your rear view mirror could be much wider? It is a type of rotating mirror of 400 mm. The objective when using this complement that will undoubtedly improve your safety at the wheel is to avoid reflections and glare and can be found for about 15 Euros.

A portable battery

As if it were the replacement battery of a mobile, nothing likes a portable battery for the car that is able to fit in a pocket. And is that whether your motorcycle or your car runs out of battery, the car does not start, you go camping or you have to charge the laptop, tablet or camera, in these cases portable battery will work. Its recharging system is extremely simple, just have a plug or from the car lighter it and go.

Support for mobile

Although at present we all have a support for the mobile could not be missing from our list. And is that if there is something that can end up really causing a significant loss in our security is to use the mobile phone while driving.

However, if we need to use the mobile for other purposes we can do it without problem. For example, it can be used as if it were a browser, as long as it is anchored in a support like the ones we are talking about. Only then will you avoid manipulating it and endangering security.



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