Massive Discounts and Bonuses Online

Most online retailers give out discounts and freebies to score big in the long term. They want to turn you into a regular customer, a frequent buyer for that matter. But before you spend your money on a new website, use the following tricks to nab huge discounts and bonuses.

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Register an Account at a Generous Site

Many shopping and service websites welcome new customers with discount vouchers, free trials, or free demo modes. But you must register an account. That means you need to provide your email address and set a password for your account.

Some websites could also ask you to link your credit card. But the best platforms award you free cash rewards for doing nothing more than registering an account. At most shopping sites, you redeem your discount during your first purchase.

However, some websites allow you to use up your welcome bonus without having ever to spend real cash. The best online casinos, for example, award no deposit free spins you can activate immediately you register an account.

Check Online Review Websites

Online review websites provide comprehensive information about different companies. Some, like Yelp, can help you learn about local businesses. Others like Trust Pilot, allow you to learn just about any company by reading the comments of past customers.

Beyond customer experiences and expert opinions, review websites also tend to share information about companies with ongoing promotions. To improve the quality of the discount details you get, read reviews from sites that deal with products you buy frequently.

If you spend your time looking for prime travel destinations, check out trip advisor, Airbnb, or Wikitravel’s deals. These sites specialize in helping traveler s find the best deals when it comes to hotel rooms, flights, or domestic transportation.

If you enjoy playing online slots, for example, check out fruity slots no deposit bonus offers. The website compares tons of online casinos and ranks the best among them, especially those with incredible bonuses.

Enroll for Loyalty Programs

Golf clubs, libraries, restaurants, and bars are some of the best places to register for loyalty rewards. But if you shop most things online, where can you get loyalty bonuses? Find food delivery sites that offer loyalty discounts. Join eBook stores that value frequent shoppers or join an online golf club.

Essentially, you can receive all the loyalty bonuses people get from brick and mortar businesses online. All you need is to identify these places and enroll for loyalty programs. Obviously, you want to be choosy so that you receive the best offers.

Complete Online Surveys

Online surveys have been helping people land shopping discounts for years. But no one ever said they are the best tricks to help you with online shopping. For starters, they pay you cents or a few dollars. That means you won’t earn enough money to buy your next workstation.

Nonetheless, completing surveys on, InboxDollars, and similar sites can help you find $10 to $100 you could redeem for shopping vouchers. Most surveys take 10-30 minutes to complete and ask a wide range of questions.

But if you have at least an hour a day you could spend filling these surveys, they are worth checking out. Of course, compare a few companies to learn which ones offer the best value for your time.

Sign Up for Free Trials

So, you want to purchase an excellent antivirus for your laptop? Sign up for a free trial before you spend your money. A free trial allows you to test a company’s service and only make a purchase if you love it. Unfortunately, not every online provider offers free trials.

That means you might not always have the chance to try out something for free before you buy it. In such cases, the best course of action is to read online reviews and testimonials. Better yet, avoid such sites unless you are confident in the quality of their services.

Besides helping you find great products, free trials also help you save money. Imagine if all streaming TV networks offered a one-month trial period each. You could spend an entire year trying out a specific company each month.

Enter Online Contests

Almost every online industry has businesses that challenge people to compete for cool prizes. Sometimes these rewards can be humongous in size. You could win a fast car, a holiday getaway, or a free match at your favorite football team.

But before you start to think of all the things you can buy with cash prizes from online tournaments, register for the competitions. Most sports leagues award you free matches when you win fantasy league competitions.

Shopping sites challenge customers to market their products online, and whoever brings the most buyers win. Gambling sites, on the other end, ask you to compete in slots, blackjack, and poker. The winner could walk away with up to $100,000.

Sign up for Email Alerts

Most companies announce offers through email. So, if you want to be considered for shopping discounts, subscribe to receive emails related to discounts. You can subscribe directly to Amazon, eBay, and other retailers that give out discounts.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to a site that compiles the names of brands with discounts. The latter is more effective because it can help you find offers from multiple brands. But if you are only interested in freebies from a specific company, subscribe directly from the shopping site.

These days, social media has also become a prime place for brands to promote their products. They will often ship free samples to their most active Facebook and Instagram followers. Sometimes they challenge their twitter fans to report tweets in exchange for shopping discounts.

As such, consider following your favorite brands on social media. If you can’t keep up with all their posts, however, stick to emails. They are easier to organize, after all.

To Conclude

There are so many ways to score free items from online brands. But the tips mentioned above always tend to work. They are time-saving and can save you a lot of money in the long haul.


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