Different Motorcycle Types

Choosing a motorcycle is an exciting opportunity. You’ve done the hard work and got yourself a license, now you have to choose the ride that you’re going to proudly show off to all your friends.

There are some great deals to be had, ranging from the latest KTM Motorcycles to a good quality Harley. But you need to avoid being taken in by the shiny finish and consider which motorbike suits your style and your needs. Understanding the different types of motorcycle available will make it easier for you to choose the right one.

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The Sports bike

The sports bike is the first choice for many because it looks fantastic. They are usually fully fared and you’ll find yourself bent over, chest practically against the tank. If you want speed and cornering then this is the beast for you.

However, it is worth noting the pleasure in these bikes is on the open road where you can use the acceleration, brakes, and cornering ability. It’s not a comfortable ride around the town, particularly through congested streets. These are not generally the most comfortable option.


In contrast, a cruiser is a much more laid-back approach to motorcycling. Think of the classic Harley Davidson and you’re on the right track. These are generally much more comfortable as you have your feet in front of you during the ride. They don’t corner as well as a sports bike but they have a look that is guaranteed to get some attention.

The Naked Bike

A naked bike is like a water-down version of a sports bike. It will have the same basic stance as a sports bike but much less faring and you’ll be more upright. This is one of the best choices if you need a motorcycle for the daily commute.

Surprisingly, they can perform nearly as well as a sports bike but they are more practical. This is the type of motorcycle that currently has the most promise in the electric bike sector.

Dual Sports Bikes

These are a crossover between a road-going bike and an off-road bike. The KTM fits nicely into this category. In general, these bikes are taller, encouraging standing up riding. They are agile and powerful with plenty of torque, making them a fun commute. But, they can also handle being off-road, allowing you to have some fun at the weekend.

The Sports Tourer

The final type is the sports tourer. This motorcycle has more power than a sports bike but is generally heavier. This means it doesn’t handle well at low speeds and it’s not going to corner as well as a sports bike.

But this motorcycle is designed for covering vast distances in comfort. If you’re a weekend rider that is quite happy to drive or bus the commute, the sports tourer will give you style and comfort at the weekends, allowing you to explore the surrounding area and further afield.

They do generally have large engines, which means they’re not a good choice for the commute or first-time riders.

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