You can hardly see a realistic picture of students’ life in movies and series. When you open a college movie, it is for sure, that students there are drinking, having fun, not studying, but finally getting everything they want, including diploma. Fortunately or unfortunately, it is not the same in real life. Students have to spend a significant amount of time dealing with writing assignments, some of which are exceptionally challenging. It is no wonder that often they suffer from sleep deprivation, stress, low self-esteem and other problems related to an inability to cope with all the writing tasks on time. To deal with this overwhelming pressure, students around the world look for assistance with their writing assignments. If you are one of those searching for someone professional to write your papers for you, we have prepared several tips on how to choose the most suitable agency in the market.

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The Biggest Is not Always the Best

There are some large writing agencies in the market, and we all know them. Often, when a students need to address service to hire an academic writer, she or he starts with the biggest companies, it seems logical. However, you should think not about the size but about how the system really works. Basically, you have four choices when it comes to professional essay writing. You can address a freelance writer, a huge agency, a boutique agency specialized in writing particular kind of papers (case studies, presentations, etc.) or a middle-sized agency. We vote for the last case. Such professional writing agencies maintain being both professional and friendly, they are attentive to customers, can guarantee custom approach to your needs but at the same time have enough resources to deal with urgent order and a constant flow of orders to hire experienced writers.

Make Sure the Pricing Policy Is Transparent

Students often pay attention only to the stated prices, but not to the pricing policies set by the particular agency. It is a mistake, because being attracted by the promise of low prices, students have to overpay. Start with analyzing the pricing policy — the logic of the final cost should be understood from the very beginning. For example, if you pay in advance, you should pay significantly less. You should not be forced to add any additional services. It is beneficial if the website has a price calculator you can use to understand the preliminary price for your assignment. If you have any doubts regarding pricing policies, address support team members and ask them to elaborate on how much you will pay for your paper.

Ask About a Progressive Delivery Option

This option allows to pay for an extended paper in installments and receive it gradually, piece by piece. If you want your research paper or thesis to be written by a professional writer, even if you trust the chosen service entirely, it is better to use Progressive Delivery, as it ensures your safety and the quality of the final draft. Confirming each part separately you can make needed adjustments on time, without violating the deadline. Having an opportunity to pay in installments, you can plan your budget better.

Know Your Rights and Use the Offered Guarantees

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best agencies fail to deliver the promised results. In this case, you should ask for free revisions or a full or partial refund. Both options are possible if a chosen service provides clients with a Money-Back Guarantee and Free Revisions Guarantee. Mostly you have about 5-10 days to claim a free revision request, so make sure to read the received paper during that time, even if the deadline is not too close. You should also make sure that an agency you address offers Confidentiality Guarantee and Timely Delivery guarantee. This set of guarantees is a must, and if the service doesn’t provide you with it, don’t order your papers from it, even if the prices are very attractive.

If you follow the listed tips and logically assess the offers in the market, you will surely find the most suitable, affordable and reliable service to address. It is very beneficial to know a particular agency which is capable of dealing with college and university papers at the needed level of quality within the given time frame. Even if you address such companies very rarely, it won’t hurt to have an opportunity to do so urgently, without analyzing the market every time. So, if you find a suitable service and a suitable writer, you are lucky. Remember, addressing the same service, you can ask for the same author to be assigned to deal with your paper and also, you can save money with the discount programs.


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