Off Road Electric Skateboards

First, we have your typical skateboard, which grew in popularity around the 80s. With Tony Hawk turning pro in 1982, skateboarding exploded on the scene. However, there was a very niche group of skateboarders back in the day. 

Then, skateboarding took a turn when electric skateboards came out. Electric skateboards give you the opportunity to zip around town in no time at all. In fact, electric skateboards can reach speeds of up to 26 miles per hour! They can also go up hills and typically can move well at a 20 percent hill grade. 

And now, everything has changed again. Welcome to the age of the off-road electric skateboard. The age where skateboarding meets the mountains and outdoor rugged terrain. The advent of the skateboarding version of a mountain bike, only it is also electric.

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Why Off Road Skateboarding

If you are wondering just exactly why you would want to drop some money on the new off-road electric skateboards then there are ample amounts of reasons why this is a great idea. Listed here are some benefits for this new sport:

1. Get Off The Streets

When using an off-road electric skateboard on the trails or in the fields, then you are getting yourself off of the streets and away from dangers such as cars and bikes. When skating electric in the wild, it gives you the freedom to explore while escaping the dangers that city skating can bring. 

2. Easy

It may sound complicated – an off-road electric skateboard! But in reality, it is relatively easy to learn and then, even easier to master. Getting off the streets and into different types of terrain with an electric board allows the ease of working on technique rather than worrying about the complications of scooting between cars. 

3. Explore

Of course, the best benefit to an off-road electric skateboard is the ability to explore the outdoors. When nature is at your disposal and you can zoom around the fields, trails and backcountry, then the opportunities are endless. You can see more than you ever would’ve thought while enjoying nature at the same time.

As you can see, off road skateboards the wave of the future. They are open the door for new extreme sporting activities and take skateboarding to the next level. Some things to consider when seeking your off road electric skateboard, then you will want to look at the speed of the board. It is also good to consider the length of the board and what type of length you want for the terrain you plan on learning on. You can also consider the load capacity of the board as well as the wheels. 

Of course, the price may be a factor for you as well, and it is important to consider the many options that you have for getting around town and exploring out of town on one of these skateboards. They can eliminate the need for an electric bike or even an old  gas guzzling car! 

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