grout sealing

Association of ideas is an interesting aspect of human psychology that creates prompt linking between closely related ideas or thoughts. For example, when you talk about floors, the idea of tiles will strike you because floor tiles are trendy.  Again, when talking about tiles, the thought of grout will automatically surface in your mind, and when you talk about grout, the thought of sealer will creep in. All this happens because tiles, grout, and sealers are an integral part of flooring. Although tiles hold the center stage when laying floors and are the focal point of attraction and beauty, grout and sealers contribute to upholding the beauty of tiles.

Sealers are important for maintaining the health of tile floors by preventing grout from absorbing water or any other liquid. Grout being porous has an affinity for absorbing liquid and sealer impart anti-absorbent properties to grout. If you do not apply sealers on grout, be ready for water damage to floors.

Grout vulnerability

Grout is a cement- based mixture that is applied as filler between the joints of tiles. Grout is mixed with water and a spreadable paste to make it easy for applying. The presence of cement and sand in grout makes it porous thus making it vulnerable to liquid seepage. If liquid spills on grout it will penetrate inside. If the liquid is colored like tea, coffee or fruit juice, it will leave a stain after evaporating that creates an ugly sight. Grout sealers prevent not only staining of grout but also liquid absorption. Even oils can seep inside grout and stain it. And removal of oil stain might be difficult unless you chip the surface or replace it. To protect grout, you can use either penetrating or non-penetrating grout sealer.

Penetrating grout sealer

Penetrating grout sealer like the ones you find on the website of Taylorightworks in the way as you can make out from the literal meaning of the name. The sealer penetrates inside grout and protects from liquid and oil infiltration and stains. You need no special skills for applying a sealer as any Tom, Dick, and Harry can do it. Sealers are available in small bottles with brush tip, brush-tip pen, and sponge tips. The tips help to decant the liquid smoothly with ease. Penetrating grout sealer offers temporary protection and you must re-apply it periodically. Another penetrating sealer offers permanent protection by impregnating the pores.

Non-penetrating grout sealer

Creating a film or thin layer of sealer on the grout surface is the way to apply non-penetrating grout sealer that helps to repel stains and water. This type of sealer is suitable for use in bathrooms where the environment is damp and prone to mold and mildew growth. While useful in preventing moisture and water from passing into the grout, this type of sealer can become milky in color over time.

Sealers are like the topping on a cake that might appear decorative but adds value to grout by protecting it as it lasts longer and retains its strength.

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