Reliable tactics of ecommerce marketing platform. Do you agree that it sounds quite serious?

The main and common feature of such ecommerce marketing platform methods is that they completely capture the attention of users and awaken an irresponsible, irresistible interest in the advertised product/service.

1. Use of animal images

Non-serious, ‘cartoon images’ actually have a huge e commerce advertising strategy potential: cute, funny little animals are able to melt the most severe hearts and open the stiffest wallets by their very appearance.

2. Using Numbers in Headers

Numbers must be in digital form: 1,000,000 instead of “one million”.

The loyalty of this statement has been repeatedly confirmed in practice, especially in cases where customers were given a discount of not ten percent but 10%.

3. Use of children’s images

Many brands have carried out highly successful marketing campaigns using images of cute kids. In terms of the impact on the target audience, the kids have only one competitor – the little animals.

4. Using Inciting Headers

This method is a kind of violation of the unspoken rules of communication in the Global Network but if there are some incitement in your headlines, if they contain the words “hate”, “fix” and “errors”, then your text will certainly have more readers than without them.

However, users subconsciously perceive such a headline as your personal attack on them, which will force them to read your publication in order to find out how they deserved such an assessment.

5. Using hyperbole

Along with “incitement”, exaggerating the situation covered in the article and mentioned in the title is a great way to draw users’ attention to your landing page/website/ blog.

Consider the example from the practice of the Fleishman-Hillard PR agency. Somehow, an article entitled “The Canadian branch of the agency Fleishman-Hillard asks for forgiveness for the most vulgar press release in the history of mankind” appeared on one of the independent news web resources. Of course, there were many curious people who wanted to find out what the “most vulgar press release” and the agency that created it are. As a result of this promotion, Fleishman-Hillard attracted the closest attention of the most reputable media.

6. Use of sex appeal

Let’s not forget about the classic tactics of the advertising industry: nudity and sexuality are a tried and tested method to attract the attention of the target audience. For decades, brands have tried to convince consumers that if they use their fashionable goods/services, they will look like supermodels on the covers of magazines.

7. Newsjacking” or speculation

If you are always aware of the latest news, you have a real chance to “hook” your marketing campaign to any high-profile media event. The tactic of ‘intercepting news’ promises to be very popular: you are using the already popular news everyone’s talking about to pay attention of public to your marketing image – all you have to do is divert some already concentrated public attention to your company/product/service.

8. Increase loyalty

Every store today has a discount card, whether it is a household store or children’s goods. What makes online store worse? Any business is able to implement a full-fledged loyalty program. Permanent discount or accumulative, one-time special offers or birthday gifts for regular customers, and maybe all together – it’s for you to decide.

9. How about eye tracking?

It may not surprise anyone, because neuro-marketing technology has existed for years but only a few people use it. The essence of the eye tracking technology is to track and record the user’s movements on the site, with the help of which you can understand what “hooked” them and what made them leave.

10. Still don’t know what will help improve the site. The best adviser is your client.

All genial is simple. Often, users leave the site without seeing an answer to the problem they have and are looking for. A survey may seem like a trite decision but this is the most effective formula for quality feedback.


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