2019 Ford Mondeo in three variants launched
2019 Ford Mondeo in three variants launched

Since it was launched in 2015, Ford Mondeo has not undergone any change until the latest in the Brussels Motor Show.

This hybrid car is presented in three variants, such as a four-door sedan, a five-door, or even a caravan. The fourth generation has improvements under the cap, where depending on the buyer can be placed the engine that produces 118, 148 or 187 horsepower.

The exterior has undergone light changes, while the interior of the fourth generation of Mondeo has technological advantages, such as the information system and driver assistance.

The car that is destined for the European market will be produced at the base that Ford has previously built in Valencia, Spain.

Like Mondeo, it is expected that the Ford Fusion model will be introduced soon, but not with major changes.

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