After four years of absence, Toyota Mark X GRMN has successfully returned to Tokyo’s Auto Salon in Japan, reports Telegraph.

This Japanese car, which is the equivalent of Camry sold in other countries, will reach the limited edition of only 350 units.

Compared with the current version, the Mark X is much more aggressive and has much larger spaces for minimum air and mini grill collection, all with brilliant black shades, as well as 19-inch wheels with aluminum discs.

On the back, there are ventilation areas as well as four gas pipes. Integrated are the brakes, with GR holder.

Underneath the cover is the old 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 313 horsepower, the power it sends to the rear wheels through six manual speeds.

The Toyota Mark X GRMN base price is $47,000 while those who want a plastic ceiling should pay $2,000 more. Though it only drops ten kilograms, it facilitates the gravity center car.

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