2020 Audi S8

This digit will undoubtedly attract the attention of anyone who is interested in Audi‘s high performance sedans. The S8, unlike the A8 that has a six-cylinder engine, uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine.

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Along with the tremendous power, the engine generates 800 Nm of torque, something that needs a car weighing about 2.5 tons. Additionally, the Audi S8 incorporates Mild-Hybrid 48-Volt technology for a start-stop functionality that, according to Audi, helps in driving efficiency and performance.

Much power means more responsibility to keep it under control, so Audi has adapted the S8 with an active starter amortization as a standard device that comes with the car. The system can increase or lower the level of each wheel individually to control movements in different situations. In some of these situations, car cameras can predict holes and adjust depreciation accordingly.

Beyond that, if you activate the Dynamic Audit system, the amortization limits the body rotation to about 2.5 degrees. In comfort mode, the amortization will allow the 5-liter sedan to absorb the side forces, and at the same time not to feel the holes inside the car.

The running system with all active tires along with the sports differential, enable the S8 to be maneuvered easily both at low and high speeds.

On the outside, the S8 offers an aggressiveness on the bumper that only a sharp eye can differentiate the design changes. Changes to the rear are more visible, where a set of exhaust pipes replaced the trapezoidal tubes found at the A8.

Inside the car has a cartoon embellishment that creates a special 3D effect. Cutting with aluminum mats and seats with embroidered S logo, divide the super sedan from the A8. Audi says an S8 with all options has no less than 5 radars, 6 cameras, 12 ultrasound sensors, and a laser scanner.

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