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These days you will find tons of anime streaming apps over the internet. But also may of then do not match user’s expectation cos they may have limited options and do not offer smooth streaming. So, if you love watching anime content and are searching for the best anime streaming applications options to watch all your shows, today, in the article below, we are going to share our list of the top 10+ best free anime streaming apps that are both available for your iOS and Android device. If you want to watch anime from anywhere you are and at any time, all you need is you smartphone, an good internet connection and the best anime apps. Also for more some of the anime apps shared bellow offers amine contents dubbed in English and also with English Subtitles. Sounds good? All the anime apps shared below comes with they’re unique features that is not offered even in the anime streaming websites. So make sure to check then all!

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Anime Streaming

Anime streaming online is the process of watching anime content on your device, PC, Tabled, Smartphone etc, that does not has the actual video file. Its an media streaming that you don’t need to download the file locally but instead you stream it online directly form your device.

New anime are regularly being released so may be catchy to you finding where to watch all the latest released anime series. Lucky for you, now you can use your smartphone to catch your favorites anime episodes from these best free anime apps shared below.

Top 10+ Best Free Anime Streaming Apps of 2020 (Android and iOS)

Anime comes from Japanese and means animations. The first publicly displayed anime was back in 1917 and since then this type of industry has expanded steadily globally. Now-days this type of industry counts more than 430 productions studios and has gain an great success after the introduction of they content in English-dubbed and English-subbed.

Our List of 10+ Best Anime Streaming Apps of 2020 For your Android and iOS Device

You may find tons of anime platform websites to stream anime for free, but below we will list the top free anime streaming applications which they provide great user-view experience right at your mobile device. The free anime streaming apps shared below are randomly, so make sure to check than all and find your best anime streaming app!

#1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming apps recommended and used by millions of anime fans around the world. It packs an large selections of streaming content with more than 25,000 episodes. One best feature is that Crunchyroll also do provides subtitled and dubbed video content. The app is free, but if you want an ad-free experience you may need a membership plan.

Crunchyroll is the best app to watch anime online for free from your mobile device. You will find an large collections of the new and the classic anime series. The subtitles are provided in different languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Arabic. Also the video quality at Crunchyroll is very good and all the anime that are in this platform are in High-Quality. The app is nicely designed and pretty easy to use and we do recommend using Crunchyroll to watch anime online for free.

Download  (Android iOS)

Crunchyroll – Free Anime Streaming Apps

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#2. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is another top source to watch all the popular anime shows and top anime hits for free. The platform is said that it was made by the fans. The content is provided in high video quality, packs thousand of episodes and they database gets updated every week with new ones.

Download (Android iOS)

AnimeLab – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#3. Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is another free and legal anime streaming app to watch all your animated films for free directly form you mobile device. This app is very popular and used by thousands of users to watch any popular anime and any animated movies for free. The app also provides a premium membership that offers great features like accessing new episodes instantly after their release, use the app without any pop-up ads, get access to exclusive data, and many more.

Download (Android | iOS)

Naruto Shippuden
Naruto Shippuden – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#4. Tubi

Tubi is yet another great app to watch movies, TV Shows and a large collection of anime in High-Quality. It has an amazing UI (user interface) in a dark theme to protect your eyes in the dark. You do also have the options to choose form different video quality according to your need and also the option to add subtitles.

The option to save the videos to your phone, to watch than later, is another great feature of Tubi and the only drawback may be the ads that prompts during the video watch. To end, Tubi TV app is an amazing app that gives high-quality video content for free.

Download (Android | iOS)

Tubi – Free Anime Streaming Apps

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#5. Anistream

Anistream is yet another great anime platform to stream all your favorites anime shows. This is an very popular free anime streaming app the provides high-quality content and where you will find all types of anime. The new anime shows are uploaded as soon as they get they public expression. The user experience is very great and you can enjoy watching anime without any interruption.

At Anistream app you will find all types an anime shows for free form cartoon, otaku, comics, anime fanz to manga masters etc. You can search you favorite anime show easily by browsing through the different categories and watch then for free.

Download (Android)

Anistream – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#6. Animega Anime TV

Animega is another great alternative for all the anime lovers. The app is being developed by Animega. Inc and you can stream for free all the anime shows form the different categories. But not only, this app will let you watch fun-made anime videos and listen to anime music.

Animega comes with an simple and easy UI (user interface) and offers some great features like creating your anime list, a favorites list, etc.

Download (Android)

Animega – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#7. Funimation Now

Funimation is another great free anime streaming app to watch all your latest anime shows and they previous seasons for free. At this platform you will find all the popular anime shows like Dr Stone, Dragon Ball Super in English dubbed and subbed. The interface is pretty easy and you are going to love it.

Funimation offers they content in HD quality and packs some great features like adding anime to your favorite list or search for you favorite anime show manually. This app is one of my favorites platform to watch anime online for free.

Download (Android iOS)

Funimation Now
Funimation Now – Free Anime Streaming Apps

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#8. Viewster

Viewster is another great free app to watch anime videos, documentaries, science-fictions, gaming etc. You can start watching you favorite anime shows directly without the need of any signup. Viewster also provides HD anime videos and has the option to follow your favorite channels to get future updates. The app in not limited to anime only, but within the platform you will find movies, TV Shows etc. Also another great feature of Viewster is the option to watch anime series and movies with of without subtitles.

Download (Android)

Viewster – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#9. Wakanim

Wakanim is another great alternative and an good platform to watch anime online for free form you iOS or Android device. The app packs some classic and new anime series that are translated by professionals and are offered in good quality.

Wakanim also supports different platforms like computer, smartphone or even your Xbox One. You can simply find you anime show searching by popularity or by its genre. This is an new free anime streaming app and really an great platform!

Download (Android | iOS)

Wakanim – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#10. Kitsu

Is yet another popular free anime streaming app to watch anime online. Is has an simple and beautiful design that loads fast on you mobile device. You can watch anime directly to the app without going to external sites. Keep in mind that Kitsu features are limited only to US users so you will need an VPN to access it from other countries.

Directly at the homepage you will see the latest added episodes with they’re name, the cover, their description and average ratings of every anime. You can search for you favorite anime by directly searching using the search feature or by using different filters. Kitsu is really the perfect app is you need an free anime streaming app with a loot of great features.

Download (Android | iOS)

Kitsu – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#11. JPAnime

JPAnime offers access to hundreds of anime shows as soon as they releases and is an totally free anime streaming app. The app has all the anime series you are looking and provides different sources to choose form. The drawback of JPAnime may be that the app does not provides a loot of dubbed anime.

The app has an great interface and has a loot of great reviews. So if you are looking for a free anime app that will allow you to download your favorites anime shows, JPAnime is the one that you most tray!

Download (Android | iOS)

JPAnime – Free Anime Streaming Apps

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That’all! With this articles we tried to do our best on finding the top free anime streaming apps of 2020 to watch all your favorites anime shows online for free. Depending on your region, we strongly advice to you to use a good VPN to avoid problems. Hope you found this article useful! If you have any favorite app that you use to watch anime for free, please let us now in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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