Crash Bandicoot 4 Demo
Crash Bandicoot 4 first demo announced

We have been waiting for years so for another month we have still to wait. We are talking about the return one of the sweetest childhood memories: Crash Bandicoot. The 4th edition of the game was announced some time ago and predictions and speculations have long flooded the internet, time to calm down all and enjoy the first official demon posted on the game’s own YouTube page.

At a time when video game graphics reach insane levels, the classic two-dimensional style respected in this edition brings a unique feel. However, the transition from this point of view to “god mode” has never been a problem for Crash, so even this generation could not be missing. From the demo footage the angle changes from one look to another, it looks like this is in the user’s hand, however, we are waiting for the official release to confirm it.

We have no information about the challenges in particular but the conspiracy enemies of our protagonist continue to be with us. The video gives no other details other than the fact that this time there will be three levels of N.Sanity and an excerpt where Doctor Neo Cortex is the protagonist.

Finally, we greet you from the release date which will be October 2. Good reception.

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