Crucible Shooter Amazon Game Studios

It will be launched on May 20th

Amazon Games has unveiled its new free-to-play shooter for PC, which pits teams with hunters against enemy creatures, with the goal of getting a valuable resource, Essence. This game is called Crucible and will come in a few weeks.

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According to the studio, Crucible will have three main modes, all based on team play and taking place on a planet in the corner of the familiar space. Heart of the Hives is a 4v4 PvE and PvP mode where players have to kill the Hives that appear on the planet. The team that gets 3 Hives is declared the winner.

The Alpha Hunters will face 8 teams with 2 hunters in a battle royale-like mode. So the last surviving team is declared the winner.

The latest mode is Harvester Command, which changes this structure by placing 2 teams with 8 players facing each other. They earn points by capturing and controlling Essence Harvesters. So apparently it’s a fashion similar to Capture the Flag.

In the game there are 10 different hunters, all with their own special abilities and weapons, which makes their gameplay quite different from each other. Essence collected in the game helps to improve hunters and their skills.

Amazon Games plans to release Crucible on May 20, so you won’t have to wait long before you can play this game. It was developed by Relentless Studios and you can take a look at the game’s website here.

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