Dining Room Chair Covers

If you are planning to update your dining room as a part of home renovation, then there may be a need to consider the dining chair slipcovers too.  Changing dining chair covers is a cheap but fantastic way to change the ambiance of the dining area. However, before purchasing a new set of linen chair covers, there are a few things to consider.

Keep the chair style, size, and the appropriate fabric requirements in mind to make the best choice.

The modern-day dining chair covers are not the old grandmother’s time slippery covers made of plastic. Dining chair covers are now coming to all elegant sizes and shapes to make your space beautiful altogether. Apart from plastic, these are available in a wide range of fabrics too from cotton to linen.

Selecting dining chair covers

The first thing is to measure your chairs appropriately. There is a wide range of sizes and shapes in dining chairs, and the majority of them are custom made along with the dining sets. Check the width and length of both the backrest and seat of the chairs. Also, measure the spacing between the spindles to get appropriate dimensions for the slipcovers.

On the other hand, you can also try DIY dining chair covers if you know the basics of it. Doing it yourself will not only give a unique look to your dining space but also will provide it with a classic and personalized touch. This, however, requires excellent sewing skills even apart from the sense of interior design. Follow the below steps.

Determine the chair cover purpose

To meet the objective, you need first to understand your real purpose of getting new dining room chair covers as:

  • For protecting the dining chairs.
  • Cover the sturdy but worn chairs.
  • Disguise the ordinary chairs and give it an amazing look and fee.
  • To match the dining room color and table décor.
  • To set up an ambiance for special occasions.

Take proper measurements

As we have seen above, take the:

  • Height of the back.
  • Measure back width at top and bottom.
  • Measure the width and depth of the seat
  • Check for the length and height of armrests if any.
  • Measure the total distance from the floor to the seat top.

Even when you are trying to get the ready-made slipcovers from the retailer, having these measurements will help to make the most appropriate purchase.

Fabric selection

Considerations to make while choosing fabric are:

  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Ease of sewing it

While choosing fabric for chair covers, make sure that you choose the most ecological and economical choice. Also, consider your home situations too while choosing the fabric. If there are children at home, then your covers are at risk, so make a choice accordingly. Choices of fabric are:

  • Simple cotton
  • Heavyweight Cotton
  • Linen-cotton mix
  • Pure Linen
  • Microfiber fabric etc.

There is no doubt that dining chair covers are a unique way to add elegance and richness to your dining room décor. If not sure about the choice of chair covers while hosting a party, you may get the assistance of a home décor expert to get some suggestions.


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