Fortnite launches the video game 'Avengers: Endgame' (Video)

It will offer a large number of weapons, such as Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s repellent, and Captain America’s shield, Telegraph reports.

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The players will fight each other in the true style of ‘Engame’ with the units of heroes that will be deployed to Thanos and Chitauri. The heroes will look for weapons on the map and fight Thanos and his people until they find the six stones of eternity.

Black Windo’s skin will also be on sale, along with Marvel’s second skin launching next week. The company has made a similar launch last year when ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ was launched.

Through this “battle royale” game there will be a possibility of transformation in Thanos’s avatar, to grab the cavalry handgun. Anthony and Joe Russo, are Fornite great lovers and would spend a long time while assembling ‘Infinity War’.

“As we mounted Infinity War, we found time and started playing and we began to think how good it would be to have a combination of Avengers-Fortnite,” Joe Russo said.

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