After we leave this life, we will certainly be held hostage to what will happen to our loved ones, but above all what will happen to our Instagram ??? Who will get their hands on DM? And to find out all the shame and sins we committed in the living?

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In this concern Instagram is testing an option of accounts “in memory of” this certainly influenced by the massive fatalities in the high number of deaths from Covid-19.

Soon the profile of the deceased, after being signaled by family members that he has passed away, will continue to exist with a special ribbon “in memory of …“, loved ones can see the content and can send messages despite no one will be able to read it. Also the account will be totally closed and no one will be able to log in to it with a password.

This issue is not new for social networks, Facebook in 2015 did a similar thing, and friends could joke with each other declaring their deaths, but now family members have to prove it through documents and then the site gets the status of above.

Another recently added clause is the freedom to inherit your profile from anyone after you have passed away.

Dark thoughts in such times of course, but the emotional connection we create with each other is also reflected online, through what can become a digital cemetery tomorrow.

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