How to Remove Your Mugshot Photos Google Search,

How to Remove Your Mugshot Photos Google Search

You searched Google and were shocked to discover your mugshot displayed for everyone to see. Your reaction is understandable, especially if the charges were dropped or dismissed. Sadly, information such as booking photos tends to linger online. However, you can get them removed by contacting the website where they have been uploaded and sending copies of dismissal or expungement documents.

The vast majority of these “mugshot sites” will comply with your request, but you will need to be patient. This article describes the most common mugshot sites, where you can find yours, and how to get it taken down. Search for your mugshot on these websites to get started.

If you find your mugshot on this site, you should click on the link to “remove” the photo. In turn, it will take you to an online form, where you’ll be asked to provide further details. Once you have submitted the form, your mugshot will be deleted. Moreover, the admins don’t ask for any additional documents.

As with most sites, you’ll need to submit a mugshot removal request. When it comes to booking photo websites, is one of the top-ranking ones. You can send any questions and requests through the contact page listed. Some pages have a button saying “remove record” near the top. If you see a link or a button on the page with your photo, you should go to the contact page and upload the documents required. If you don’t see the relevant link, that means your photo does not show up on Google. 

The site sometimes puts placeholders where mugshots were so they can generate ad revenue legally. The placeholder appears in search results. will remove your mugshot as long as you can provide the information they require. This includes evidence that your record was sealed or expunged, your identity was stolen, you were found not guilty, charges were dismissed, or you were acquitted, pardoned, or exonerated.

The site lists an address to email the corresponding documents. In case the outcome wasn’t in your favor, they will still update the page with the booking photo to include any relevant information mitigating your circumstances and guilt. It is important to take the time to decide whether you want them to do this because pages rank higher in search results once they are updated.

Times Free Press

Like many other sites, TFP will remove your mugshot upon receiving proof of a not guilty verdict or if the charges were dismissed or reduced. If and once your request is approved, your name and mugshot will be removed.  

Tri-County Busts

On this site’s sidebar, you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions on how to get mugshots removed. Send your request to the email address indicated.

This is another high-ranking site with mugshot photos. Moreover, information on how to get your mugshot removed is available in their FAQ section.

Ultimately, you may also decide that all of these steps to get your mugshot removed are too much trouble for you. A recent survey showed that the vast majority of mugshot searches are limited to the first page. Usually, people don’t look beyond the third result. Common reasons to look for mugshots include pre-employment background checks and tenant background checks. If, on the other hand, your photo is on the first page of search results and you were not found guilty, it is definitely a good idea to get your mug shot removed. 

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