Smartest Way to Make Car Sales Catalogue by Using PDF ,

Smartest Way to Make Car Sales Catalogue by Using PDF

Marketing methods have evolved and are still evolving. Though we cannot deny catalogs and brochures are quite important in marketing products, it isn’t easy to create them. It requires a lot of effort and loads them if you are a newbie. The catalog creators and software are not easy to use, so you have to put lots of effort into it.

Do you know how to use a PDF converter? You would. Just add the text or images, and your file is ready. Easy, right? So, how about using a PDF converter to create a car sales catalog? Sounds weird! Well, PDF converters usually have nothing to do with catalogs or brochures, but their features can help a lot if we look closely. is a quite useful PDF converter that we can use to create a car sales catalog. It allows you to convert, merge, split, and compress your PDFs for free.

Tips to make a car sales catalog

As a small business, you might not have a lot of budgets to spend a considerable amount on the catalog. Limiting the budget to printing the catalog, here are some tips that might help you create a catalog by yourself with the help of this free PDF converter;

Organize your products

The first thing that you need to figure out is your products. You must be sure of the products that you want to display in the catalog. As a car sales business, you might have a lot of display options. Whether that black Volkswagen seems pretty to you or you are confused about putting this Toyota Corolla on the first page of the catalog, you should figure it out.

Unless you haven’t organized the products that you want to display, you can’t move on to the next step.

Select images

After you have narrowed down your products, the next step is to select the images that you want to add to your catalog. You have to select the best images because this will be your business’s first impression on your expected customers.

The quality of the images necessarily needs to be good. For the quality and for the images to be used for printing along with the text, you need to convert them to PDF. This is the point where will play its part. You can convert JPEG or PNG to PDF with the help of this free online tool. So, no matter whatever your images’ format is, you can use them in your catalog.

Create sections

Whether you are creating a single-page catalog or you are opting for a flipping book, it is preferred to make each side separately and then merge according to the order that you want.

Using, you can merge multiple PDF files and split them or even delete pages from the PDF. You can extract PDF pages, you can rotate them, you can organize them, and you can edit the metadata of PDF. While making a car sales catalog, these all features are of great help as they help you beautifully organize your layout. You can edit it at any point, anytime.

If you aren’t competent in creating PDF files, you can make a catalog on Word or PPT, and then you can convert it to PDF through

Ready for printing!

After you have edited your catalog and added all the essential content that you want to, the next step is to print that catalog.

Before printing, you can also add a watermark to all the pages/sides of your catalog. If your PDF file is too big to be transferred through email, you can also get it compressed. If you have prepared it in any other format, you can get it transferred to PDF. You can also add a page number if you want to.

For your convenience, I would be glad to mention that you can avail all these features for free on


Making a catalog seems to be a tech-savvy task, but has made it easy to deal with such situations. You can easily create impressive catalogs with the help of this free online PDF converter.

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