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How to Tell if Your Windows Are in Need of Tinting

How to Tell if Your Windows Are in Need of Tinting

Car tinting is popular among many car owners. Unlike the common thinking that car tinting is purely for aesthetics, adding a layer of tint on your car windows has many benefits for you and for the car. If done right, auto tinting can extend your car’s life, help to protect your skin from UV light and add your car’s value. Tinting is thought to be the preserve of young people, but it can actually help in fuel economy because they help cool down your car.

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If done by experts, your car’s tint can last long. If you are ready to jump on the bandwagon, here is how to tell if your windows are in need of tinting.

1. Your Car Is Aging Faster Than The Rest

Many people believe that car tinting is purely for aesthetics. When on the highway, you have probably seen the sleek and cool look that cars with tints have. What many people don’t know is that you can increase your car’s lifespan by just adding a layer of tint on the windows.

Car tint prevents UV light from penetrating into the car. UV light can be destructive to your car interior. Without tinting, the strong light rays easily penetrate your car and cause damage to the interior. Over time, UV light can cause the dashboard and side panels to crack and the fabric on the seats to fade. Exposure to the sun weakens the fabrics making them susceptible to tear, and accelerates the car’s aging process. Tinted car windows can help protect your car’s interior and help slow down the aging process.

2. Light Affects You

Some drivers are affected by light from the sun and other cars on the road. Light from multiple sources can cause glare which might interfere with a driver’s ability to drive well. Glare occurs when too much light enters the eye, interfering with its ability to manage it. Harsh light can be a hazard to drivers, and can even lead to road accidents. Using the average sunglasses to prevent sunlight during the day, or harsh headlights during the night may not help.

UV light can also be harmful to the skin. Too much exposure to the light rays might cause skin cancer and other skin injuries. If light affects you when driving, adding a protective layer for windows can help to protect your eyes from the glare. Window film reflects sunlight and headlights from other cars thus helping you drive more comfortably. Window film also reflects heat and helps to keep the car cool as you drive.

3. You Are Tired Of Losing Valuables

If you live in a neighborhood that is not very secure, leaving valuables in your car becomes a risk. Even when you make a quick stop to grab something along the road, you will need to be alert to avoid theft. At home, thieves might be attracted by valuables when they look through the windows. Tinting can help you prevent theft and give you peace of mind.

A layer of window film adds privacy because one cannot see what is in your car. The adhesive on window film adds a layer of security because it holds shattered glass in place. This means that thieves will have a harder time stealing from a car or home with tinted windows, and they might decide to try their luck elsewhere. In case you are driving with a minor, the broken glass particles will not injure them.

4. You Feel More Pain At The Pump

These days, every motorist is looking for gas discounts and offers just to reduce what they pay for fuel. In warm weather, your fuel expenditure might rise significantly. This is because your car’s air conditioning system will be running more to keep you cool while driving. If your car AC works hard to cool down your car, it means that more fuel will be used in the process. Cars with tinted windows consume less fuel during warm weather because window film blocks thermal rays and keeps the car interior cool. If you have a cooler interior, you will less likely run the AC and this will help save on fuel costs.

5. Your Windows Look Boring

Window tinting is a great way to add your car’s and home’s aesthetic value. With tinted windows, your car looks great and has a luxurious feel to it. Plain car windows can be boring and everyone has them anyway. Tinted windows give your car style and character. Besides privacy and safety, your car and home will look more stylish and increase in value.

Tinting your car windows offers you comfort and peace of mind, knowing that you will spend less at the fuel pump, drive comfortably and have a car that oozes class and style. At home, tinted windows will help you escape prying eyes. Tinting should always be done by a qualified technician.

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