Intel Reveals the Core i9-9900KS processor: runs 5 GHz on all eight cores

Last year Intel talked about a processor capable of using all cores at 5GHz frequency. Today it became a reality. The new Core i9-9900KS processor has eight core working at 5Ghz all together.

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Demos last year was demonstrated on a 28-core Xeon processor but in reality it had a lower frequency. The new Core i9-9900K processor is based on i9-9900K but has been modified to achieve 5Ghz with all cores at the same time and not just a core.

Technically, the processor has a core frequency of 4.0Ghz and works with all existing Core i9-9900K boards. But the latter had a basic frequency of 3.6Ghz.

Currently the company decided to keep silent for TDP and it is not known if it will require more power than the previous model. Intel showed the new chip in Windows Task Manager with all 5Ghz cores.

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