The internet is flooded with searches like ‘bounce house rentals near mewhich shows its rising popularity. With easy rental options, the play equipment which is a staple choice for parties, celebrations, and events dominated by kids is now a favorite choice for parents to install it at homes too.  The temporary structure is available for a few hours rent and quite pocket-friendly for parents to keep children entertained at home especially during holidays. However, the bouncy castles do have some concerns about safety, and you must address it properly before hiring one for your home.  Insist for an inspection of the equipment before delivery so that you leave nothing to chance.

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Besides the safety of the equipment that must run satisfactorily without stopping, user safety depends on the behavior of children who must stay away from risky moves like horse playing on bouncy castles or bullying one another and intentionally pushing or falling on others.

Inspection checkpoints

Inspection of bouncy castles or bounce houses and similar inflatable play equipment can ensure its safety during use.  While you must depend on the inspection done by the rental company, which it does before each delivery, you must be aware of the points to check so that you know about the work done.  The inspector should take note of the number of anchors and its condition, the internal air pressure, wear and tear of the fabric and any marks of ripping, the firmness of towers and walls and the condition of the blower which must have suitable protection of mesh guards.

Appoint a supervisor

The bounce house rental company will install the equipment and leave the place with the onus of its safe use resting on the person renting it. Unless there is any intrinsic defect with the equipment and its installation, adhering to the operational safety is the responsibility of the person renting the equipment. Since children need proper guidance to ensure safe behavior when playing on bounce houses, there must be a dedicated supervisor to oversee their activities and instruct them to prevent any potential breach of safety. The supervisor must have knowledge about the safety guidelines and not just spend time by minding children like a class monitor in school.

Operating instructions

Another aspect of safety is to follow the operating instructions of the equipment. After the safety checks, it is time to use the bounce house by following the operating instructions that the rental company should provide. From knowing how to start the equipment to make it ready for use and finally how to wind it up after the event, everything must be clear to you.  You must know what the maximum permissible load or the number of children allowed on the house is and what is the recommended wind speed that the bounce house can withstand.

Look for the proper safety label of the manufacturer on the equipment, but the maximum safety concerns arise from misuse of the equipment. Only close supervision to prevent risky activities like climbing walls or doing somersaults can help to make a bouncy house a safe playing arena.


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