Car Crash

Being involved in a car crash can be an incredibly traumatic time as not only are you likely to have suffered injuries, but you may also end up with a car that is a write-off and needs replacing. Furthermore, your injuries could lead to a lengthy spell in hospital and possibly the need for rehabilitation for months or years to come, which can be extremely expensive and can leave you on the breadline. All these add to an incredibly stressful situation, so it is important to understand the legal processes that you can expect after being involved in an accident. In this article we are going to give you all the necessary information so that you are as prepared as possible should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash, so read on to find out more.

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Seeking Compensation

When you are involved in a car crash, whether you are at fault or not, you will need to deal with an insurance company as you will be looking to claim compensation for any damage to your vehicle and also if you are personally injured to cover the cost of medical expenses and loss of income. To make a claim, you will go through a negotiation process with either your own insurer or the insurer of the opposition if you were not to blame. This process can often be arduous, so it is important to document all the circumstances surrounding your accident taking as many witness statements and photos as possible. You should also immediately head to the local hospital to get yourself medically checked because if you are injured, or are in shock, then not only do you need to ensure that you are ok, but you need to document your injuries to claim compensation, otherwise, the insurance company may not payout. It is wise to be as prepared as possible and to have all the appropriate evidence if you want to maximize the compensation that you are rightfully due. 

Challenging a Compensation Award

After going through the process of obtaining compensation for the damage to your vehicle and your injuries, you may not feel happy with the amount you have been awarded. This could be because the compensation does not cover the costs you have accrued during the crash, or it could be because your injuries are so severe that you are going to need a lifetime of care, so you need a vastly higher award. Whatever the situation, it is sensible to hire a lawyer to fight the claim for you as they will have the experience and will understand the nuances of the legal system so will be best placed to challenge your payout, and hopefully, gain an increased award. Obviously, having a no-fault claim would make the case clear cut, so a lawyer will be able to argue your case much more succinctly than you will be able to, and this will come at a small cost in the grand scheme of things.

Suing Someone Personally 

If you still feel that you have not been compensated fairly for your injuries, despite having gone through the above processes, then the final option open to you is to sue the other party personally. Expert lawyers at advise that you do not take this step lightly because you will need a cast-iron case and also need to be prepared to go through what can be a stressful and long, drawn-out process that can leave you at the end of your tether. However, if you feel that you have been wronged by the insurance companies and you need a means of income to help you live your life with the injuries that were caused through no fault of your own, then you are left with no option but to go to the courts and sue the person responsible. Make sure you see a specialist car accident lawyer and then you will be best placed to finally receive the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

As we have learned, there are several legal procedures that you could go through after a car crash. You will first go through a negotiation phase with an insurance company, and all being well, you will receive the compensation that you deserve. If not, then you can challenge the award with the help of a lawyer, and finally, if you are still not adequately compensated, then you can take the option of personally suing the individual responsible. Remember to document all the circumstances surrounding your accident, including all medical reports, and then you will be best placed to make a successful claim. 

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