The benefits of a logo are well-documented: gives your company a unique identity, improves brand recognition, and enables you to showcase your personality.

However, not just any logo can deliver these benefits. Only great logos do!

If you’re in the processing of starting a new business, one of your key tasks is to design a great logo. If you don’t have design expertise, you’ll most certainly want to hire a professional designer, right?

Well, why spend money on an expert when you can design an awesome logo yourself?

Curious to know how?

Keep reading for a complete guide!

Understand What Makes an Awesome Logo

What makes some logos awesome and others not so awesome or downright ugly and boring?

In all fairness, there’s no one-size-fits-all secret to designing a great logo. If you met the designers of Nike’s Swoosh and Apple’s logo, they will no doubt tell you they weren’t reading from the same script.

That being said, great logos have some elements in common. These include simplicity, relevance, versatility, and uniqueness. When you have a clear understanding of these elements, it’s easier to design an effective logo on your own.

What’s Your Business About?

A logo isn’t just a random drawing that’s associated with your business. It’s a symbol that sends a specific message about your business.

As such, to design an awesome logo you must know what your business is about. You must then try to infuse the message into the logo.

If you own a furniture business and your mission is to sell modern, eco-friendly furniture pieces, for example, your logo shouldn’t just tell people that you’re all about selling furniture. It must also say your business is committed to environmental preservation. One way to ensure your logo send this message is to use the color green or an icon that symbolizes nature.

Get Inspired

If you’ve never designed a logo before, it can be difficult to know where to start (even with the above tips already in mind).

To unlock your creative block, don’t shy away from drawing inspiration from the logos of other businesses in your industry. Take time to study their use of icons, color, and other design elements, then borrow a leaf.

Bear in mind, though, there’s a thin line between getting inspiration and copying another business’ design. Your logo should be unique.

Use a Professional Logo Maker

Designing a logo from scratch is a challenging task, even for professionals.

Thankfully, there are professional tools, such as Adobe Spark’s free logo maker, that even a newbie can use to design an awesome logo. All you need to do is find a logo maker that appeals to you and learn how it works before getting down to work.

Logo Design Is in Your Wheelhouse

As a design amateur, it’s easy to write off yourself when it comes to designing your business’ logo. But as we’ve demonstrated, being an amateur doesn’t mean you can’t design an awesome logo. With some basic knowledge and the right tools, you’ll be well on your way to creating a potentially great logo for your business.

All the best, and keep reading our blog for more hacks and tips.


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