If you are a student living in North Carolina who intends to study animation, you are in a good position. The state is home to numerous companies that employ animators and multimedia professionals. North Carolinian artists in the animation industry earn around $60,000 to over $75,000 annually. Mostly, you have the opportunity to showcase your creative ideas while making a substantial amount of money.

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While a job in animation appears to be all fun and exciting, know that this entails hard work. Before you start scouting for arts colleges in North Carolina, do some reflection first to determine if you have the following qualities that can help you prosper in the field:


The art of animation is limitless. As long as your mind can conceive it, you can create it, which is why curiosity is a critical trait to succeed in the industry. The brains of curious people are always exploring and searching for new ideas. Their thinking goes beyond the obvious, which is why they can create projects that excite and astound people.


To succeed in the animation profession, you should have remarkable drawing skills and an artistic eye. While there are arts colleges North Carolina that have drawing classes, possessing a natural drawing talent is critical for animators, even today in the computer age.

How can you create unique and timeless characters like Mickey Mouse, if your drawing skill is average at best?

High Endurance

Having high endurance means that you naturally complete assignments, no matter how difficult or tedious. It is easy to be fascinated by animation films but what you do not see is the long hours that animators put in to complete a project. If you tend to procrastinate or leave your work unfinished, it would be impossible for you even to complete an animation program, let alone work in the field.

Good Sense of Humor

Making people laugh, finding the humor in situations, or knowing the best way to deliver a punch line, are qualities that are vital to creating great animation projects. You need to be able to inject humor to keep the animated characters and story entertaining for the viewers. Apart from creating enjoyable films, a good sense of humor can also help you relate well with a team, which is usually the case for animation works.

Excellent Design Sense

Design sense is the talent to conceptualize the final look even before you start creating something. This quality means that you are observant, you pay attention to details, and you are open to feedback. An excellent sense of design is also needed as you try to animate from a particular camera angle perspective.

Let’s say the qualities mentioned above describe you and you genuinely have a passion for animation. The next step would be for you to apply to one of the top animation colleges in North Carolina — Living Arts College. For almost three decades, Living Arts College has been offering a Bachelor of Arts in Animation and Game Design using a curriculum that ensures the employability of graduates. Call them for more information and open house schedule.


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