Eva Padlock

Czech bomb puts Instagram on “fire”, pleases fans of Juve with Burning Photos (PHOTO)

After getting fame in the world of motor racing, the Czech model living in Barcelona, ​​Eva Padlock, has not much since entering in the Instagram world.

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The model has also received attention in Italy, as some of the photos are with Juve’s shirt. She says she is a follow-up to the Italian team because of her boyfriend, a crazy Juventus fan.

Now that she is on Instagram, attention has not been missed at all. In just a short while, it has gathered more than 1.2 million followers.

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Eva Padlock

Impossible Mission For Eve (Photo)

The famous Spanish model, Eva Padlock, has confessed her ‘fixation’ to the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

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In a interview pink media in Spain, the 33-year-old has admitted she would want a romance with the Portuguese, though that’s impossible to be realistic.

“The most exciting footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo. I would like to have a romance with him, but i already knows it is impossible, as he has a happy and stable marriage, “she said.

Eva Padlock was born in Barcelona and is a hardened fan of Barca, but stresses that this has not prevented her from sympathizing Ronaldo.

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