How to Hide Data, Applications, Photos, and Documents on Android
How to Hide Data, Applications, Photos, and Documents on Android

If you want to have absolute control over everything that appears on your phone, you may need to use Root access, but if you do not want to go so far, this article will help you find valuable alternatives that you do not include the risks of “Root”. Android also has some embedded features to use, if you want to hide all of your intimate secrets.

How to hide data and apps: Let’s start with the basics

To better provide your sensitive data, you can assign different names to folders that contain everything you want to hide. For example, if you want to hide files, open the manager file application, select the folder with files and images, and change the name. This way the footage of this folder will not be shown in the Gallery that collects all the photos.

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Certainly this action does not hide the full security of the photographs. Those files will not automatically show up in your gallery, but if it loses the handset then this way it loses its efficiency.

Similarly, you can hide all those pre-installed, boring applications that you can not uninstall without using third-party apps. If you want to remove them, at least from the vision, go to Settings> App and select the app to hide. If you can not uninstall, then disable it. A wonderful, good, and right thing is to learn how to block applications that work in the background, or “working in background”.

How to hide Android data and folders: external help

If the above is not enough for you, you are probably thinking that to protect all your data you need something else. So an aid that exponentially increases the total protection of your privacy. There are some applications that are wonderful in this regard.

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If you just want to hide your applications without blocking and encrypting their opening, one of the easiest things you should do is install a new “Launcher“. Like many of the available in the Play Store, we’ve chosen the “Nova Launcher“, currently the best in circulation.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Price: Free
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot

Although the application hide option is provided in the free version of Nova Launcher, it would be even more fantastic if you buy the Prime version. Scroll to Nova Launcher> Nova Settings> App & Widget drawers and then select Drawer groups> Hide app.

Another popular launcher that will allow you to hide applications without having to spend a penny, is “Apex Launcher“.

Go to Settings> Drawer Settings> Hidden apps to check which applications will be visible and which will be hidden. Indeed a very necessary option for privacy.

How to hide data: Keep your applications in a safe place

If even hiding the applications and folders with the above methods is not enough, then guess the best security is in a code lock. There are some third-party apps that will help you in this effort: try and decide which one best suits your need.

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One of the most popular in the Play Store is “Smart AppLock“.

Smart AppLock  (App Protect)
Smart AppLock  (App Protect)
  • Smart AppLock  (App Protect) Screenshot
  • Smart AppLock  (App Protect) Screenshot

It is useful for both videos and photos. In addition to closing different types of folders, Smart AppLock allows you to prevent the app being uninstalled without your permission.

Another version of this app that is considered considered is “Applock Fingerprint

Schützen(Smart AppLock)
Schützen(Smart AppLock)
Developer: SpSoft
Price: Free+
  • Schützen(Smart AppLock) Screenshot
  • Schützen(Smart AppLock) Screenshot

This app provides other features such as the ability to capture instant selfies of anyone trying to enter your phone without permission, as well as the ability to lock the phone away. Both versions offer improvements through purchases of premium versions of the app.

As soon as these apps are installed, go to the page that contains the application list and select the ones you want to protect with the key. Every time you open the selected apps, you will be asked to enter the password or to use the fingerprint reader. To get rid of the annoying ads you will have to buy the premium version.

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In the end, we can talk about “App Hider

App Hider uses an icon that looks like an app that manages the handset’s audio so that when the app opens, it looks like it’s adjusting the sound. By holding down the application icon for a long time, you will be able to access the hidden section of the phone where you will find your secrets: files, apps, and everything you want to hide.

How to hide the data: Our Advice

To choose the right app from the ones above, you should first think which data you need to secure. If you just want to hide the folders, you can do it without having to install anything, knowing that you will not have full protection of your sensitive data.

There are many other applications in the Play Store that allow you to hide your data: Do you use one that is not included in this list? Share with us in a comment!

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So that’s all about hoe to hide your data on your Android Phone. Hope you found this article useful. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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