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The best way to post panoramic photos on Instagram

The best way to post panoramic photos on Instagram

When Instagram first hit smartphones, every uploaded photo had to be in a square shape This is not a problem in terms of photos and selfies, but for...
change your Apple ID password-min

How to change your Apple ID password (iOS 10.3 and up/MacOS)

Your Apple ID gives you the ability to connect to your Apple account on some devices, new and old, wherever you are. But this accessibility has a...
Search for a specific words in a YouTube video

How to search for specific words in a YouTube video

In this article we show you how to search for specific words in a YouTube video If you’ve found yourself going through a YouTube video to find a...
block YouTube ads

How to block YouTube ads quite simply

A Redditor under sub/ in / r /webdev has posted a very simple trick to block YT ads And who would have thought that a simple website where...
Convert Facebook Profile To Page

How To Change/Convert Facebook Profile To Page

Facebook is rather a great place to connect with people around the world. Facebook developers are providing new features after a short period of time. As normally...
Convert Text Into Audio

How To Convert Text Into Audio Using Notepad

Everyone loves to hear what is written in a paragraph or in a document. This is the reason why audiobooks are getting popular nowadays. In this article,...
Merge Facebook Pages

How To Merge Facebook Pages: All You Need To Know (June 2020)

Facebook is the most significant social networking used not only to connect peoples but nowadays it has become an internet advertising hub. Brands and businesses use Facebook...
Change/Update Outlook.com Account Password

How To Change/Update Your Outlook.com Account Password (Updated)

If you have an email account created years ago, and haven't updated your login info since then, then follow this guide to easily change/update your Outlook.com account...
Bootable USB flash drive using Rufus

How to make a Bootable USB flash drive using Rufus

To make a Bootable USB flash drive we will use a tool called Rufus. You can find other tools online but today, in the article below, we...
Flip Clock Screensaver (Windows and MAC)

How to make “Flip Clock” as a Screensaver (Windows and MAC)

If you are bored with the original screensaver of your computer and are looking for another alternative, neoAdviser has the right one. Flip Clock are hourly indicators...

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