Healthy Lifestyle Benefits,

Healthy Lifestyle Benefits

Healthy Lifestyle Benefits

Doctors recommend all of us to have more physical activity. It is one of the best ways to prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system. People who decide to change their lifestyle will surely notice the positive effects of a healthy rhythm.

Of course, any physical exercise during breaks at work brings many benefits to the body. First of all, we are talking about an increase in stress tolerance and immunity and, no less, a tendency to decrease the incidence of the musculoskeletal system. Even though people will find numerous vitamins, antidepressants, and other remedies in any best Mexican pharmacy, a healthy lifestyle will eliminate the need to take such preparations.

 Healthy Mental Health & Mutual Understanding

Any regular physical activity improves well-being and reduces stress and fatigue. Not only doctors but also team leaders declare that such a lifestyle increases self-confidence. It means that people will be more optimistic about their abilities. Of course, it’s about a good microclimate at work, in family life. A healthy person becomes trustworthy for relatives and partners.

It is unlikely that most of us want to deal with someone who is constantly rummaging through a Mexican pharmacy looking for antidepressants and ointments for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Although, this does not mean that people with no health problems do not take medications. Most conscientious Americans prefer a certified Mexican pharmacy, like, and buy drugs to prevent illness. We are talking about vitamins, relaxants, and more.

 What About a Diet?

For most people, lunch means an opportunity to meet family, have a good time or participate in a celebration. The main thing at such events is not only to satisfy hunger. No one disputes that food is essential for the body to function properly, but how people eat is important too. We are talking about the following:

  • Frequency of food intake;
  • Mealtime;
  • Calorie content of each dish

In the context of a healthy diet, it is worth focusing on vitamins, not all of which are in food. Of course, this is the biggest challenge for nutritionists. People can eat lemons every day to maintain immunity, but what about vitamin D? In this case, there is no alternative to visiting an online Mexican pharmacy. Unfortunately, not all people take such a vitamin despite the recommendations of doctors and this is a misconception.

 In Summary

Our health, and therefore the quality of life, depends on proper nutrition, timely access to a doctor. Don’t underestimate vitamins, sedatives, and other remedies. Any healthcare professional will confirm the benefits of a diet, but we must also keep lifestyle and other things.

Experts claim that by visiting any Mexican pharmacy online, people should first look for vitamins A, B, C, D. But there are not all-important supplements. Fighting obesity, stress, and genetic diseases are the main challenge of our generation. With a diet rich in nutrients, physical activity, and mental and spiritual balance, improvements can be made.

By adhering to tips for a healthy lifestyle, you can increase your immunity and your body’s resistance to new kinds of bacteria and viruses. Taking time to exercise (at least 30 minutes a day) can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal system diseases, joint problems, even in old age. Consuming healthy foods restores the vitamin and mineral balance of the body, and as a result, there is more energy. Nutritional supplements and spices will contribute to a good mood, and a sufficient amount of water in the body will help get rid of extra pounds, toxins, and wastes.


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The modern age in humankind is full of the daily hustle-bustle. The daily chores, the everyday job, pending bills, and many more make our lives harder. The present coronavirus pandemic has only made it worse. The economic loss and personal losses were huge in the last year. A study by the Pew Research center shows that more than 20% of households in the United States of America know someone who lost their job due to the pandemic. The country was severely hit in terms of personal lives, as the United States of America had more than 6,00,000 deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic

The stress levels are at an all-time high, and many turn to ways to reduce them. Studies indicate that nearly 28 out of 100 adults smoke in America, making it one of the most popular choices in Americans. The reward is the nicotine rush, a way to relax your nerves. The risks are severe, as smoking can cause severe diseases. They can include cancer, lung inflammation, and several complications related to the mouth and other respiratory organs. Research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention counts more than 450,000 deaths in the United States of America in a year. It is due to the tobacco inside the cigarettes. The other safer alternative is vaping. The trend is quite popular, and the market has expanded in the past decade. Vaping has a large consumer base in most countries in the world. Study shows that two in forty Americans have tried vaping at least once in their life. Vaping is safe and more flexible than smoking. Smoking can only have tobacco inside whereas vape juice can contain flavors of fruits and vegetables. The new trend is CBD vape pens from, and they have CBD as vape juice inside them.


CBD or Cannabinol comes from the leaves of the Sativa plant. The small plant is cheap and requires minimal water to grow. The extraction process is easy, making CBD a popular choice among the adults of the country. CBD as a vape juice seems to be the choice of this generation as it generates thick fumes. The taste and potency are just right for the consumer. CBD vape juice can contain Hemp, CBD, THC, and other mixing ingredients. The THC content is less than 0.3%, making it approved by the Food and Drugs Association in the United States of America.


Vaping is possible only with suitable apparatus. The popular choice seems to be the vaping kit, having more than three parts. It generates fumes, which can go inside the nasal cavity for use. Vaping kits are available in various types, depending on the amount of fumes they produce. Vape pens are a more portable version of vaping kits. They have the same qualities and make better quality fumes. The batteries in vape pens last from two to five, depending on the type of pen you have with you.


There are several benefits of using CBD in your favorite vape pen, and some of them are-

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are often interrelated. Long-term constant tension can lead to various stages of stress. It can be due to deadlines, family problems, and problems related to your professional life. The extract in the CBD fumes through vape pens interact with the neural receptors of the brain. It helps the user to relax and reduces stress. Reduced stress and anxiety can improve your physical and mental health at the same time.


Improved Sleeping cycle

It can be tough to sleep in the present times. The pandemic has hit us hard. Many fail to fall asleep, and some oversleep. Both are not good for your physical health. A balanced sleep cycle is critical for maintaining your productivity. The Hemp extract in the fumes of CBD interacts with the receptors present in the brain. It helps the user to sleep early. The THC in CBD vape juice can induce trance in the consumer, further helping them sleep. Vape pens provide a safer alternative for your sleeping troubles.

No Severe Side effects

CBD in vape pens combines as a safer option than the other options present in the market. The extract in CBD is organic, ensuring that there are no severe side effects on the consumer. Chemical-based products and tobacco are notorious for causing severe complications in the consumer. Vape pens are a much safer option, as the fumes do not cause any severe long-term side effects on the consumer. The short-term side effects may include dizziness at worst. The trait of being safer makes CBD in vape pens reliable. If in controlled doses, a consumer can rely on them as a safe bet.

Improved Lifestyle

Both physical and mental health equally contribute to one’s well-being. The balance between the two plays a critical role in improving the lifestyle of an individual. CBD in vape pens can be the perfect way to ensure that you give equal importance to physical and mental well-being. The extract in the CBD vape juice mixes with the consumer’s bloodstream and helps them instill calmness in their life. The Hemp extracts help the individual to improve their mental health by reducing anxiety and stress. It also helps in decreasing the depressive instances in individuals. They all combine to uplift the mental health of the consumer.


How To Meet A Shemale Or Trans Man In Various Dating Apps,

How To Meet A Shemale Or Trans Man In Various Dating Apps


How To Meet A Shemale Or Trans Man In Various Dating Apps

Individuals love internet dating because it can be straightforward. You can put your preferences in your profile and determine the traits and qualities that you are looking for in your significant other. There’s undeniably less game-playing or matchmaking required because there are some dating applications that only allow you to send messages to those people who also swiped right or those that like you too. Through this method, you can rapidly know whether or not somebody is single or looking for love, and if their preferences suit you. You can also upload some of your photos to attract more friends or even lovers. Wearing a makeup and nice outfit can boost your profile. Click here to know more about the psychology of dating self-confidence can contribute to finding your new love or partner in life. You must know when is the right time to open up and share your details with the other party. Some individuals are very hesitant at first because they are scared that the other person will just stop talking to them once they got too close. Others may feel awkward about matters or topics that do not spark any interest for them.Moreover, there are different ways and various sites that you can visit to explore your options and know whether dating apps will help you find your significant other.

Benefits of Dating Apps

Dating applications allow you to create a profile based on your terms and include some photos to boost your chance of finding someone. This technological advancement can be a great help in finding love. This link: will help you understand the benefits of technology and how it helped billions of people around the world. Are you in your late 30s or even 40s that still searching for their better half? Maybe online dating sites will help you find the person that you will spend the rest of your life with. There are a lot of couples that only met through online websites and dating apps. Transsexual people have dating apps that allow them to meet more people compared to normal dating apps. They can also make some extreme memories with their date and go to places or destinations that give them contentment and happiness in life. All of us deserve to be loved in return regardless of our gender preference and background in life. Additionally, your dating experience through dating applications and online sites can be phenomenal. This is a new way of connecting with other people based on the matters that you indicated in your profile. There is also a filter tab wherein you can limit some factors, such as the age and location of others.

Dating with Caution

A lot of people are still skeptical whether they are talking to the same person that is in the photos or not. Some are just catfishing. This is classified as a deceptive approach wherein an individual makes a “fictional persona or fake identity” on social media sites to connect with others or target the victim that they want. Moreover, some people who do catfishing are trying their best to gain the confidence and trust of the other party that they are talking to. As time goes by, the victim became more attached and attracted to the scammer, and soon enough, they will just ask for monetary benefits and other modes of financial gain. They will impose wishful things or doing some reverse psychology for their requests. They act as if they are madly in love with the other party and do everything for them once they meet. However, people who do catfishing are just good with false promises just to gain the affection of their victim. Considering this particular situation, it is very helpful if you know someone who can guide you in navigating your accounts in dating apps. One of the most common questions is where to meet trannys or how to find the best partner for you. You can also ask for your friend’s opinions about the different types of people that you can meet along the way. Some of these are male, female, lesbian, bisexual, gay, transman, shemale, and other gender preference that they want to be.

Love should be given freely. Once you have it, there is no turning back because love can move mountains and do things that will make their partner very happy. If you are still looking for love at this present moment, you have to explore the wonders of dating apps and start building social relationships with others. To sum, we are in a generation of revolutionary changes. There is nothing wrong with being a shemale or transman and these types of individuals must be treated with kindness, compassion, love, trust, and respect.

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Here’s what the ‘stars’ would look like if they would change their gender

For more, we invite you to follow the gallery

The FaceApp app has been back in the spotlight in recent days. This application now “transforms” men into women and vice versa.

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It seems that celebrities who have had very interesting results have not escaped this trend either. Some of then we have selected for you.

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Top 5 Prohibited Places

Prohibited! You can’t cross, 5 places where tourists are not allowed

If you think you have enough time, desire, and money to travel anywhere, you are wrong. In certain places, there is no room for tourists…

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#1. Surtsey Island

In 1963, in the waters of Iceland, from the eruption of an underwater volcano, an island with an area of ​​2.7 square kilometers was formed in a very short time. It immediately attracted the attention of scientists from around the world, as an extraordinary example of the formation of an island and the birth of a new life. Since then Surtsey, named after the mythological character Surtr, the god of fire giants, has only served scientific purposes and is considered a no-go area for tourists.

Surtsey Island
Surtsey Island

#2. Ilha da Queimada Grande

Ilha da Queimada Grande, located 35 km off the coast of Brazil, looks like a real paradise. But the journey to this place can pay off with life, as it is invaded by venomous snakes; with an area of ​​0.43 square km, this place is populated by 4 thousand snakes. One of the most dangerous is Bothrops insularis, or golden snake. That is why the Brazilian authorities forbid anyone to visit this island, which is also called ‘Snake Island’.

Ilha da Queimada Grande
Ilha da Queimada Grande

#3. North Sentinel Island

One of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal is home to a dangerous Sentinelas native tribe; they avoid any contact with civilization and react harshly to any interference. According to scientists, the aboriginal inhabitants have spent 60,000 years in isolation from the rest of civilization. These people are actively defending their territory. For example, in 2014 they shot an Indian government helicopter, which flew over the island after a tsunami to see if the locals needed help. Their latest victims are some missing fishermen; after their killing, the Indian government asked citizens to stay away from the residents of Sentinel and their land.

North Sentinel Island
North Sentinel Island

#4. Great Ise Temple, Japan

In Japan, one of the most important shrines in the country is the Ise Jingu Temple Complex. The main temple is surrounded by a high wooden fence; only high-ranking priests and members of the imperial family are allowed inside. Until 1945 ‘Ise’ was an even more difficult place to reach: the temple was separated from the outside world by the Miyagawa River, which symbolized the border with the ordinary and the sacred. The monks were strictly forbidden to cross the river: it was believed that this would lead to the violation of the sacred sanctity and would cause trouble for all of Japan.

Great Ise Temple
Great Ise Temple

#5. Gruinard Island

In 1942, the British government bought the Scottish island of Gruinard to conduct biological weapons tests, in particular anthrax. During the experiment, it was found that anthrax had polluted the territory for a long period of time, causing the death of the population in 95% of cases. Until 1980, the island was one of the deadliest places on the planet. Only in 1986 scientists finally begin the ‘disinfection’ of the ominous island, and it was declared safe in 1990. However, no one settled there anymore. Experts warn that spores of anthrax may still be left on the island’s soil, meaning it will not be suitable for living for hundreds of years.

Gruinard Island
Gruinard Island

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Five Great Things to do in winter in Toronto

Our topmost list of five great things to do in winter in Toronto sounds one of the most adventurous things you can ever dream of. The winter might just shift in now, but due to the time of the year, snows are non-negotiable. If you are living in Toronto or going for a vacation, the wintertime is the best. Spots, locations and every beautiful thing in Toronto shaved white with all the snow and this is what redefines beauty. There are many free Old Montreal activities to do in and around the area, including recreational activities or checking out the playground with the kids. So, let us have a look at what exactly you can do differently in Toronto.

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Toronto is a magical place in the technological world and CN Tower might be just the place to start with. But want to do more magical that just visit there? Roger that.

Don’t miss the CN Tower at all:

For this time, you will see how the advantage of the CN Tower is with its incredible height and a stellar architecture to view from it. Going for a vacation in winter and missing the snowy trees, that’s a curse. Do whatever it takes for you to save the best money and rent up some days in the Tower, but don’t miss the view around the world from the Toronto Tower.

The Casa Loma to see:

Casa Loma was originally built for financier Sir Henry Pellatt and for today this historic castle is available for the guests to dine atwith love and have a tour. Nothing ever has been more magical than exploring a castle during the wintertime and never it will be. If you are unaware of a great event, the castle transforms into a special holiday event featuring dance performances, meet and greet illusionswith Santa Claus himself right from the sky (not really), decor, and light installations. But the experience seems worth exploring. Do it.

Bent way Skate Trail to have a try:

Know ice skating? Want to give a boss level try and see how it turns out in front of your partner? Well then, Bentway Skate Trail is an ideal spot location to go and skiing is the most accustomed job to do there. Anything else is considered a sin unless you ski for hours and then take rest.

Renowned visits to the Christmas market:

In Toronto, your to-do list should include this. This holiday market is just a simple magical representation of all ages. To visiting with Santa Claus and finding the best gift for friends and loved ones, there’s a lot much to see, experience, and discover at this Market.

The best of Toronto Light Festival:

Light is and always has been the symbol of joy and happiness, even if you don’t want to bet your money in it. But In Toronto, it has a real Light festival to go and enjoy with every other traveler and tourist. Your topmost favorite thing would be to shop at the festival and buy something amazing for your family. Plus it is a festival for all ages and large families come to join it.


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Things to do in Manhattan

Things to do in Manhattan on a budget

New York is arguably one of the most idyllic of cities in the world. It is also one of the most expensive places to visit in the world. If you want to visit New York or Manhattan specifically, you will need to do your homework. You may already know that NYC is the top destination for tourists in the world. It is home to many great things like the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. There are still many ways to enjoy NYC on a budget.

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Budget holiday

If you have just recently been looking at things to do in the city, and choked on some of the prices, don’t give up. There is so much you can do on a budget. If you don’t have a clear strategy to save money during your trip, then you will easily spend hundreds of dollars a day during your visit.

  • Hotels – When searching for affordably priced hotels in Manhattan, you may fee despondent. But you can find cheap accommodation in New York City. Many people opt to stay in areas surrounding Manhattan and commute each day to Manhattan using the subway or bus. This will give an authentic feel of what it is like to live in city, among the locals. At the same time, you will be saving so much on accommodation that is usually overpriced in Manhattan.
  • Attractions – there are many places you can visit on a budget, that may not even cost you a dime. Some of these include:
  • Staten Island Ferry – you can enjoy a free skyline view from Staten Island Ferry which runs between Staten Island and Battery Park 24 hours a day. It is a great way to float past the Statue of Liberty without charging you a dime.
  • Museums – there are many museums that you can visit free of charge. You will find that there are certain free nights at museums like MoMA and Guggenheim. The Metropolitan Museum of Art allows visitors to pay what they want.
  • Brooklyn Bridge – you can take a stroll over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge wooden walkway. People simply love taking walks over the bridge as it has breath-taking views of the city. You can opt to go in the evening when the crowds have quietened down.
  • Central Park – NYC is the most visited attraction and it is free to walk around. People often jog, cycle or meander through the park. You can also have a picnic with your family and enjoy some quiet time.
  • Visit Chinatown – It is filled with budget eateries and you can experience the city’s famous pizzerias and wine.

Although NYC may be expensive to visit, there are many things that can be done on a budget, especially if you do some research. Many people commute to Manhattan daily and explore the city, then go back to their accommodation out of this borough. However, even in Manhattan, you will find things to do on a budget if you look for them.


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places to visit during the summer

Best places to visit during the summer

The first thing that pops up in our mind when we think of summer is automatically vacation. Vacations or holidays might sound amusing but picking up a destination is tedious and undoubtedly an overwhelming task. However, we have saved you from all the trouble and done your homework. Winter is all about working hard, and summer is all about playing hard. Check out the great deals and fantastic offers that has in store for every traveller. These discounts are around all year round and make the entire procedure of planning trips so much more fun and affordable. Here, is an amazing list of the best tourist attractions that you can visit this summer.

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Hamburg in Germany –

This is the global trading port and lies in the northern region of Germany. You will be able to enjoy some of the most extraordinary and extravagant experiences in here. Take all the time in the world in order to imbibe into the rich and vibrant cultural side of this city it spends your night in the world-class hall witnessing the beauty of Andalusian flamenco. A vacation in this place will turn out to be like a dream come true. This coupon code from will help you have a fun time at an affordable rate.

Zermatt in Switzerland –

The quaint little town that is nestled in the arms of the Swiss Alps looks as if our dreams have finally come true. It is a roadstead for those who prefer skiing, hiking, and mountain climbing. In the foothills of Matterhorn Peak lies the spectacular town of Zermatt. When it comes to the best and the most spectacular places to spend your summer, it is undoubtedly Zermatt in Switzerland that you want to visit.

Paros in Greece –

If one had to describe Paros, then it would be easy to say it is the heart and soul of Aegean Sea. Paros is famous for its rural villages, unique charm, tantalising beaches, and picturesque feel. Once you book your tickets to the magical land of Greece, it will feel like a perpetual vacation that is dipped in beauty. The entire town is white in colour which unknowingly creates a striking balance with the azure and turquoise waters. Not to mention the clear sky which completes the picture and transforms this place into a refreshing vacation.

Seychelles in East Africa –

Seychelles walks hand in hand with flawless and pristine beauty. The second you arrive in this majestic land you will feel you have finally come across paradise on Earth. Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 spectacular islands. The sugar coated smooth beaches, the shimmering coastlines, crystal clear water, and the palm-lined shores make Seychelles a stunning summer destination for one and all.

Hoi An in Vietnam –

When it comes to ancient beauty, Hoi An tops them all. It looks as if it jumped out of a postcard. This is the place that is the perfect blend of traditions, cultures, and mesmerising sights. The entire place is connected via canals and displays the beauty that you have never come across. It’s not only an architectural wonder but it is also renowned for the delicacies that are a part of this land. The decor of this land is as vibrant as its soul. The museum for Trade Ceramics, Japanese covered bridge, and An Bang Beach are the best places to be here.

Amalfi Coast in Italy

This is the pearl in the crown of Italy. The Amalfi Coast is without a shadow of doubt the manifestation of beauty at its best. The coastal peaks, the picturesque landscape, the pastel coloured buildings hanging on the cliff, the luxuriant and dense forests make this coast a breath-taking beauty. The Amalfi Coast comes to life as the sunlight hits its shores and come night it becomes a den for nightcrawlers who seek some fun. This place is the authentic blend of adventure and beauty.

Teton County in Wyoming –

This is the core of Wyoming state. It has something in store for travellers that set his or her foot here. Teton County is on every adventure enthusiast’s list for here lies the world-renowned Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Explore the charm of the hot springs, Jackson Lake, and other amazing sights that make this place a must visit this summer.

These are the places that you can’t miss out on. So, come summer pack your bags and head straight towards the location that you liked the best.


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Ways to Lose Weight

Three Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Have you finally decided to start a healthy lifestyle and lose weight? Luckily, there are many ways to do it when you browse through the internet, but the information you will find can be overwhelming. With all the weight loss information that you might find, it is confusing to determine what will work for you and what would not. Let us check out the natural ways to lose weight.

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Add protein to your diet

Protein is an essential part of losing weight. Our body burns calories while digesting protein. Foods that are high in proteins are white meat poultry, seafood, milk, cheese, yogurt, egg, and beans. You can also choose to take natural protein supplements like that of the products found on Bulk Nutrients and other providers.

Studies show that a high-protein diet can make you feel fuller, therefore reduces your appetite. Proteins are known to be the main building blocks of the body; it helps our body serve its many vital functions.

Our body can naturally produce amino acids, but we can get other essential amino acids that we need from the food that we eat.

Eat Healthily

It is without a doubt that eating healthy is one of the natural ways that you can lose weight. Here are some ways that you can help you eat healthily:

  • Always stack up on healthy food and snacks. The food that you store at home will have an impact on your diet. Always have healthy food available. Some easy to prepare snacks are yogurt, fruits, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, carrots and many more. You can also check Bulk Nutrients and other online shops to add more variation to your healthy snacks.
  • Limit your sugar intake. We all know that excessive sugar intake can harm our health. Too much sugar in our blood can lead to severe cases of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. On average, people eat about fifteen teaspoons of added sugar daily. These added sugars are hidden in many processed foods that we did not know.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of antioxidants that are essential in losing weight. Green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and the like are ideal when you want to increase your number of meals in a day because it does not increase your caloric intake—same hold when you eat fruits. Fruits and vegetables are high in fibre that makes you feel full.Drink a lot of water. Drinking sufficient water keeps you hydrated. Usually, people would suggest drinking eight glasses of water a day, but it is not wrong to drink more than that. Drinking water will help flush out toxins and other unwanted waste in our body.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of losing weight because it helps regenerate our body after a long and tiresome day. While you sleep, your body and muscles redevelop, so you have enough strength for the next day.

A sleep-deprived body is more prone to produce Cortisol-a stress hormone. Cortisol triggers the brain’s reward centre, and that will make you crave foods that are not part of your weight loss diet.

Losing weight is not easy, and changes cannot be seen overnight. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work before you see the result. Following a healthy routine and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an essential factor in losing weight.


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Top 10 offbeat, South indian cities perfect for destination wedding in 2020

South India has some of the most picturesque locations for destination weddings. Some of the places in Kerala have already been in the limelight for ages. But, there is so much more to the beautiful south Indian locations that go beyond just Kerala. 

Here we are bringing you a list of 10 lesser-known yet the best locations across south India for a destination wedding this 2020.

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  1. Ooty – the city has been the best travel destination in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most popular districts on the Nilgiri hills. Known for its hills, sceneries, and ah! Such amazing weather, this place is a good choice for a destination wedding on the hills. Avoid choosing it in peak winters as it might get uncomfortably cold during the season
  2. Coorg – located in Karnataka, this city is known as Scotland of India because of its lush green forests, acres of coffee and pepper plantations and forever chilly climatic conditions. Not just the best place for a traditional Coorgi wedding but also any kind of wedding on your mind. Due to its popularity as a travel destination, it has many resorts which offer destination weddings as well
  3. Coonoor – a place very near to and similar to Ooty but least known and less explored. The scenic views will get you the most amazing pictures of the wedding. Beyond pictures, the experience of breathing the fresh air and having food from locally sourced organic farmers is going to be unmatchable 
  4. Chikmagalur – yet another gem of a city in Karnataka known for its coffee and climate. Being a travel destination this city has a range of resorts from budget ones to luxury that could cater to your dream destination wedding. 
  5. Wayanad– This high altitude rural district in southwest Kerala has been a famous travel destination for over a decade now. A small affair or big one, you can accommodate every kind of wedding here. This place has resorts and banquet halls with the best of views to get married in. 
  6. Hampi – Not just a village in Karnataka but also a UNESCO world heritage site. Located on the banks of the Tungabhadra river, the famous ancient temples and monuments make it the best location to have a traditional temple wedding in south India.  
  7. Mahabalipuram – a piece of land between the Bay of Bengal and the great salt lake which has temples and monuments that dates back to the 7th and 8th centuries. It is just about an hour’s drive from Chennai and has several resorts and some of the best banquet halls near Chennai 
  8. Pondicherry– most famous for the availability of cheap liquor, did you know Pondicherry also makes the best destination wedding location? Owing to the French colonial settlement here, the architecture of villas and chic boutique styled resorts might get pictures that make it look like you actually got married in France. 
  9. Alappuzha – better known as Alleppey. This location offers weddings both by the sea or in a temple with the promise of a scenic view. You can either choose a contemporary chic style wedding with a view of houseboats sailing through the network of canals and lagoons or you could choose a traditional Indian temple wedding at Mullakkal temple which is known for its traditional designs 
  10. Kochi – also known as Cochin, this coastal city is located by the Laccadive sea. The city has been a port open to merchants across the world which have led to establishments like colonial bungalows and diverse religious establishments. The Fort Kochi region has the best resorts that can cater to the destination wedding exactly like the one on your mind.  

A few things you can consider while choosing these destinations are weather conditions, proximity, and accessibility to the nearest airport, availability of local vendors, planning team, etc. Choose any of these locations in south India for an offbeat destination wedding this 2020 to give your guests and yourself a gala time.


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