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Madison Beer

Madison Beer “Explosive” for her 20th anniversary (PHOTO)

Madison Beer has confirmed her amazing style of dressing before.However, at the celebration of her 20th birthday, Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend was assured that all her eyes were...
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, “hot” photo and a statement!

Free of sex labels and rankings. So Miley Cyrus is determined in a long interview at "Vanity Fair America", where she appears in a "hot" topless series...
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, Relaxed on The Beach with Bikini (Photo)

Selena Gomez seems to have really gone out of the tunnel.Happy and smiling she enjoys a weekend on a beautiful beach in Mexico with her most beloved...
Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha Does Not Stop With “Hot” Photos At Instagram (Photo)

A day before she had great presentation on the biggest evening of music awards, the "Grammy Awards".Though she did not succeed in snatching trophies, Bebe Rexha appeared...
Anna Tatangelo

Singer, naked and relax under the shower! (Photo)

Its enough a series of visible and "non" photos, showing naked body parts, exalting the followers on social networks.Anna Tatangelo knows how to attract the attention of...
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, more than ever in shape at age 49 (PHOTO)

Jennifer Lopez is more in shape than ever thanks to the daily exercise she does with his boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.The fountains of the gym, singer and famous...
Rita Ora

Rita Ora brings the summer in the middle of winter! (Photo)

Rita Ora has left the cold and frozen Europe  to rest in the Maldives. And to challenge the winter, the pop star has chosen to raise the...
Jennifer Lopez

The 49-year-old Jennifer Lopez with the “Cape” Dress

The 49 year old Jennifer Lopez was astonished at the public with the "cape" dress Valentino Haute Couture, with nothing else in the body - except diamonds.The...
Card B

3 months after birth, Cardi B in super form! (FOTO)

Cardi B has recently sworn that it has never undergone an operation to remove excess fat in the body.However, the assumptions that the 26-year-old could have made...
Nicole Scherzinger

From Thailand to Hawaii, Scherzinger remains a miracle – (PHOTO)

Nicole Scherzinger is now at the age of 40, but the famous singer again shows that she has not lost any of her brilliance. She was on vacation...

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